It’s on my list: birthday edition!

HBD to me! With my 23rd birthday around the corner, I tried to think of a few things I’ve been coveting recently and add them to my birthday wish list. And, while I didn’t add a picture of an adorably smushy-faced puppy even though I really want one. Le sigh. I’m obsessed with Boston Terriers and Pugs and it’s driving my family crazy. Instead, I included a few things I’ve been eyeing for a while on my birthday wish list this year. Check it out!

birthday wishlist
  1. Coco Noir Chanel perfume, $98 at Sephora
  2. Faux Fur Clutch, $42 at ASOS
  3. Zippered Clutch, $27 at Forever 21
  4. Hunter Chelsea Boots, $150 at Hunter
  5. Ear Cuff, $10 at ALDO
  6. Matte Lipstick, $23 at Smashbox
  7. Black Satchel, $250 at The Cambridge Satchel Company

Thanks for reading!

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