I went to fashion night at the ROM

Girls’ Night Out!

Every now and then I actually show up to those Facebook events I said I was going to. Fashion Night at the Rom happened to be one of those events. My best friend and I had an awesome night at the ROM. We love going to ROM on Tuesdays when it’s free for students but when we heard we could party in the museum at night for $13, we were all over it. Seriously, if you live in Toronto and are over 19 you should definitely check it out.

The ROM has themed party nights every couple of weeks on a Friday night from 7pm to 11pm. This past Friday was a fashion themed event and it was great. The entire museum is opened for your perusal including a couple of the special exhibits. In addition, there are several DJs and food and drink tables dispersed around the museum. On the main floor there was a space reserved specifically for African designers and the clothes were amazing. The models were killing it.

Check out the pictures below and as always my outfit details are at the bottom.


Views from above of the ROM’s main floor


Photo of the totem and staircase


Photograph of the FASHION hall


African Fashion Week


African Fashion Week


Models posing flawlessly




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