Spring is in.

I’m finally able to appreciate spring now that the dreaded allergy season has passed. The only thing I can really complain about is rain but I know everyone around the world is dealing with increased water fall.  I didn’t bring my Kate Spade umbrella because I didn’t think it would actually rain. Boy, was I wrong. I nearly missed a rainstorm when I shot this outfit. You can literally see raindrops in some of the shots. That’s how dedicated I was.

I’m absolutely in love with this pleated skirt from ASOS. Light blue is the shade of the season and the light, flowy material is perfect for spring. I just love how versatile this skirt can be. I can dress it up with heels or wear something more casual like flats and a cotton tank top.

The tank top was an impulsive buy that I have yet to regret. Brunch is life and that’s probably the only reason I bought the tank top. I love the cursive!

Anyways, check out the photos below and as always outfit details are at the bottom.





Overalls: back like they never left!

Overalls are a deeply cherished part of my childhood. I was one of those OshKosh B’Gosh kids from the 90s. We lived in our faded overalls all year around. Wearing them now is like a return to my childhood but I get to wear crop tops now. But honestly I love that overalls are now a thing again. They’re just so casual. I can wear them with pretty much anything. Add a shirt and a pair of shoes and voila! Usually I’ll wear a t-shirt or basic tank top but I thought I’d change it up with a crop top. I actually love these overalls from Long Tall Sally. They’re the first pair of overalls that I actually need to cuff because they’re too long; every tall girl’s dream.

Anyway, check out the photos below and as always outfit details are at the bottom!




Can you peel your way to beautiful skin?

The answer is yes. The Body Shop recently launched a new line of liquid peels and they’re kind of amazing. Each bottle is filled with this light, liquid gel that helps gently removes dead skin, dirt, and other pollutants from your skin. The three types of peels work differently. The Vitamin C helps boost dull skin and give it a beautiful glow. The Drops of Youth smooths and improves the health of sin while the Drops of Light brightens and tones your skin. Together they make up an awesome at-home alternative to professional facials that can cost $70 or more per facial.

I tried the Vitamin C and Drops of Youth for about two weeks now and I’m pretty much hooked. I was immediately interested in these products from testing them out in store. I tried the Drops of Youth on the back of my hand and was shocked to see it work. I bought it immediately and purchased the Vitamin C shortly after.


Both products are so gentle and I love using them in combination throughout the week. They’re meant to be used twice to three times a week so I usually wait a day between before I do it again.


I love how smooth my skin feels after I use the Drops of Youth Liquid Peel. Even after one use I noticed a difference the softness of my skin. After using it for about two weeks I notice that there is less and less that peels off, especially around my forehead and nose. My skin feels fresh without feeling sensitive to other products afterwards, which I really like. I incorporated this product into my beauty routine very easily.


I think the Vitamin C Liquid Peel might be my favourite out of the two. I get a better result in my skin when I use this product, especially because I struggle with discolouration in my skin more than anything else. I love the glow I get from the Vitamin C Liquid Peel after I use it. It does feel a bit stickier immediately after I use it compared to the Drops of Youth but I usually rinse and then use the Vitamin E toner. I also love using the Vitamin E Sleeping Mask after to add extra hydration to my skin after the peel.


Left to right: Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel (here), Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer (here), Drops of Youth Liquid Peel (here), Drops of Youth Concentrate Serum (here)

Overall I’m very pleased with the Liquid Peel line. I will definitely use the Vitamin C Liquid Peel again. The Drops of Youth I may not use as frequently. I would also be interested in trying out the Drop of Light Liquid Peel to see if there are any added benefits to my skin.

Have you used any of the liquid peels by The Body Shop? Are you thinking about trying one? Leave me a comment below and thanks for reading my review.