I used Patchology’s foot peel and this is what happened

So much dead skin.

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a pedicure. After being in quarantine for four months, my feet were starting to look and feel like actual talons. I have an Amopé electronic foot file, but I was getting tired of exfoliating my feet every week. The idea of doing an at-home foot peel was beginning to grow on me. It’s so low maintenance—all I had to do was wear a pair of little booties and wait for all the dead skin to peel off. And voila, my feet would be soft and smooth again.

So, after a bit of research I decided to get the Patchology foot peel kit.

Patchology PoshPeel Pedi Cure, shoppersdrugmart.ca.

The PoshPeel Pedi Cure

I’ve tried quite a few Patchology products, so I was excited to try this one out, too. I actually got two so my mom and I could do it together. It took me a little bit to read through all the instructions in the accompanying information package. We had to soak our feet for a few minutes before putting on the booties for about an hour. The peeling wouldn’t begin for a few days after and would continue to peel for one to two weeks. We were advised not to pick or pull at the dead skin once it started peel, which was actually so hard to do. Also, it is recommended that you don’t have any nail polish on your toes, because the serum may damage your pedi. I left my nail polish on to see just how true this was.

These booties were not made for walking

After reading the instructions, I started unpacking the kit. Inside were two booties and two packages filled with an activating essence, which is basically a cocktail of AHAs, BHAs, and citric acids. This blend of acids help exfoliate skin by gently loosening dead skin cells and revealing new, brighter skin underneath. The essence gets poured into the booties, which are lined with a fabric material very similar to the ones used for sheet masks.

I found that the booties are very spacious. I have size 13 feet, and I was able to get these on without feeling like they were too tight. And they have a long sticker tab at the top to seal the bootie around your ankle. I will say it was really hard to walk in them, so you should probably just stay seated. We left them on for exactly an hour (although I could have probably left them on for longer) before rinsing and drying our feet off. My pedicure was definitely smudged after doing this, so I would recommend doing it with bare nails or when your pedi is already a mess.

Gross before vs. stunning after

I am so pleased with how my feet turned out, but it require a lot of patience. It took about three weeks for my feet to completely peel. I took a photo on the sixth day when my feet actually started peeling and a picture almost two weeks after that when all the dead skin was removed. By the second week, my feet looked so gross I refused to go outside in my Birkenstocks, even though it was really hot that day.

My feet peeled very well on the bottom, especially around the heel where the skin is rougher. The peel works from the bottom up, so the last few days it was just the skin around my toes and on the top of my foot that were peeling. I also saw a huge difference right after I took a shower or bath when my skin was super wet. I would recommend soaking your feet for ten or fifteen minutes during the first week to really encourage the peeling process. My feet look and feel so smooth now. It was definitely worth the three weeks of waiting, and I probably won’t have to use a foot file for a few weeks.

The information package says I shouldn’t do another foot peel for 60-90 days, so I guess that’ll be the next time I do one.

Have you ever tried a foot peel before? Would you try one now? Tell me in the comments.

2 thoughts on “I used Patchology’s foot peel and this is what happened

  1. Used this peel yesterday! Can’t wait for it to start peeling and to see results like yours. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂


  2. I have had this psychology foot peel for about a year now and haven’t used yet. Reading your review I understand what I have to look forward to and how to get good results. Probably going to do it tonight. But since it’s summer and I wear flip flops every day I am hoping it won’t be too gnarly! Lol I don’t ever wear shoes as I live at the beach in San Diego!
    I will probably post how it progresses. Thank you for your info.


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