The candles I can’t stop using right now

The candles I can’t stop using right now

Burn, baby, burn!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good candle. It’s the perfect way to add a little ambience to my space with a fresh fragrance and warm glow. And with autumn in full swing, I feel no shame about lighting all my favourite candles and enjoying all things cozy. My favourite scents are anything in the warm, amber fragrance family but I’m always down to try something different. Here are just a few of my must-have candles.

Bookworm vibes

This candle is a combination of some of my favourite notes (rose, lemon, vanilla, etc.) and I have definitely repurchased this particular scent a couple times. It’s warm without being sweet and I love burning at night when I’m curled up in bed with a new romance novel. It’s called The Lovers candle, so it’s actually perfect for a night in. I also really like the Cherry Bomb candle from this brand. It also has a nice vanilla scent but the black cherry and spicy notes give it an opposite kind of vibe and I burn it whenever I’m in need a good mood boost.

Self Care Sundays

The only thing I’m doing on Sundays is a whole lot of nothing and this candle is what I’m usually burning to set the mood. I really like the combination of fruits, flowers, and lavender. It’s fresh, light, and just a little sweet. Also it has a wood wick candle so it makes a little crackling sound when it burns, create the best vibes for a relaxing Sunday reset. My other top scents from Mala the Brand are Milk + Sugar (think homemade baked goods) and Rosebud (because I love a good rose scent).

Cozy Cashmere

Have you ever looked at a candle’s label and then been completely surprised and ultimately disappointed when you finally smell it? Well this candle actually lives up to it’s name. It has a blend of lavender, vanilla, and jasmine that makes it smell sweet, soft, and just a little expensive. I buy this one every fall when it pops up at Bath and Body Works because it’s one of my favourites. I’m also a huge fan of the Rose Water & Ivy candle. IYKYK!

A reel good look

And if those weren’t enough, here’s a quick reel of a few more favourites I’ve been burning lately.

Do you like candles? What are some of your favourite brands/scents? Tell me in the comments.

My favourite cooling products I use all summer long

My favourite cooling products I use all summer long

Too cool for school.

I have such a love-hate relationship with summer. While I love the flowers, fashion, and freedom that comes with the sultry season, I’m not a fan of the heat and humidity on those extra-hot days. That’s why I a huge fan of using cooling products during the summer months. They give me an almost immediate relief from the high temps and my skin looks so good, I can skip a few steps in my makeup routine. Here’s what I’ve been using lately.

Icy-Cold Cleanser

A splash of cold water will help cool me down, but this Boscia cleanser is next level. It has a thin gel texture and immediately cools the skin when I apply it with water. If I were to make a comparison, it’s a similar sensation to chewing a piece of gum or popping a breath mint in your mouth.

Gel Eye Patches

I love an eye mask and these cooling skyn ICELAND eye patches are probably my favourite. They not only help cool but also depuff the under eye area, making them perfect for first thing in the morning. Also, I found that they don’t move around as much as other eye masks I’ve tried, so I don’t have to constantly readjust them while they’re working their magic. I would normally follow up with a sheet mask and use a jade roller over to give myself a little facial massage.

Face and body moisturizers

While it’s technically not a cooling product, I just really love this Boscia moisturizer because the texture is amazing. It has a bouncy mousse cream that feels amazing when I apply it. Plus it’s packed with antioxidants that help protect my skin barrier during the day. I usually keep it in my mini fridge with this body yogurt from The Body Shop so they feel even cooler when I use them.

Here’s the reel of the products in action:

What cooling products do you like using? Tell me in the comments.