Review: I’m trying out The Body Shop’s liquid peels

Can you peel your way to beautiful skin?

The answer is yes. The Body Shop recently launched a new line of liquid peels and they’re kind of amazing. Each bottle is filled with a light, liquid gel that helps gently remove dead skin, dirt, and other pollutants from your skin. The three types of peels work differently. The Vitamin C helps boost dull skin and give it a beautiful glow. The Drops of Youth smooths and improves the health of sin while the Drops of Light brightens and tones your skin. Together they make up an awesome at-home alternative to professional facials that can cost $70 or more per facial.


The skincare test

I tried the Vitamin C and Drops of Youth Liquid Peels for about two weeks now and I’m pretty much hooked. I was interested in these products after testing them out in store. I tried the Drops of Youth on the back of my hand and was shocked to see it work. I bought it immediately and purchased the Vitamin C shortly after.

Both products are so gentle and I love using them in combination throughout the week. They’re meant to be used twice to three times a week so I usually wait a day between before I do it again.


Drops of Youth

I love how smooth my skin feels after I use the Drops of Youth Liquid Peel. Even after one use I noticed a difference the softness of my skin. It’s so simple to use: just apply a dollop of the liquid peel onto your face and then use small circular motions to spread across your skin. In less than a minute you’ll notice small white balls appear and grow. These are all the dead skin cells that are sticking to the surface of your skin. It’s both gross and oh, so satisfying to watch. Check out the pictures below to see it in action.

Once the dead skin cells have stuck together and the liquid peel has absorbed into the skin, you’re free to wipe it off. I usually use a small cotton pad and some micellar water to remove the remnants from my skin. And then, I run my fingers over my newly improved, smooth, dewy skin.

After using it for about two weeks I noticed that there was less and less dead skin that peeled off, especially around my forehead and nose. My skin felt fresh, without feeling overly sensitive. I incorporated this product into my beauty routine very easily and it’s a product I genuinely enjoy using throughout the week.


Glowing Vitamin C

I think the Vitamin C Liquid Peel might be my favourite out of the two. I get a better result in my skin when I use this product, especially because I struggle with discolouration. I love the glow I get from the Vitamin C Liquid Peel after I use it.

It does feel a bit stickier immediately after I use it compared to the Drops of Youth but I usually rinse and then use the Vitamin E toner. I also love using the Vitamin E Sleeping Mask after to add extra hydration to my skin after the peel. I could definitely see why you would be tempted to use the peel on other parts of your body like your neck, hands, or feet. And, I think it’s gentle enough that it wouldn’t irritate the skin.

Conclusion: A win!

Overall, I’m very pleased with the Liquid Peel line. I will definitely use the Vitamin C Liquid Peel again. The Drops of Youth I may not use as frequently. I would also be interested in trying out the Drop of Light Liquid Peel to see if there are any added benefits to my skin.

IMG_6615.JPGLeft to right: Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel, Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer, Drops of Youth Liquid Peel, Drops of Youth Concentrate Serum

Have you used any of the liquid peels by The Body Shop? Are you thinking about trying one? Leave me a comment!

8 thoughts on “Review: I’m trying out The Body Shop’s liquid peels

  1. Thanks for the review. I just tried Drops of Youth and it made my skin feel so smooth! One question I have is should it be used at night before bed or in morning. Or does it matter?

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Because it’s an exfoliating product, I normally use it at night before bed. My nighttime routine tends to have more steps, but I keep my morning routine pretty simple – cleanse, tone, and moisturize.


  2. I came looking for a review because I’m astounded by how much clumpy gunk develops with the DoY liquid peel. I tried the tester in store on my hand and bought it immediately thinking omg that’s disgusting, I need this product! But then started thinking, maybe it’s the product clumping and not my gunky skin cells, or maybe a reaction with the hand sanitiser I used on my way in… but no. My skin was actually disgusting and now my face feels so good!

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