The five hand creams I’m using right now

Is anyone else running out of hand cream?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been washing my hands a lot lately. I’ve been singing everything from “Happy Birthday” to “Juice” by Lizzo for twenty seconds at a time. And with all this hand washing, my hands, nails, and cuticles aren’t feeling or looking too great. Enter hand cream, and a lot of it. I always carry a tube of hand cream with me, but over the last few weeks I’ve collected quite a few. These ones are my favourites.


In my bag, swag.

Vaseline’s Rough Hands Rescue Cream is the newest addition to my collection, and it pretty much stays in my purse all the time. I really like that it’s scentless, because I can use it in public without worrying about other people’s allergies or sensitivities. The formula is super rich, so I don’t need a lot to moisturize my hands. And after I use it, my skin looks and feels so soft.


The luxe stuff

I’ve never tried a Caudalie product that I didn’t like, and the Hand and Nail Cream is just another one I’ve added to my list. I love that Caudalie is a green beauty brand, because it means their products aren’t just good for my skin, but good for the planet as well. The hand cream is packed with shea butter but also has grape seed in it, which is Caudalie’s hero ingredient. The grape seed acts as a moisturizing ingredient and as an antioxidant to help my skin repair itself.This hand cream definitely makes my skin feel nourished and leaves behind a faint, but pleasant scent.


The sweet stuff

I’m a huge fan of Cake Beauty for many reasons. The products are fantastic, they smell amazing, and it’s a Canadian company! I tried the Candied Oat Milk Cream about a year ago, and it’s become on of my go-tos. It has the signature Cake Beauty scent, which is light and sweet without being overwhelming. It absorbs into my skin really quickly, and I like layering it over other Cake Beauty products like the body scrub and body butter. I don’t need a lot of product, so it took me a while to finish my first tube.


Flower power

This is also a new product, and I like it so much I’ve been trying to save it. It’s part of the limited edition L’Occitane x Omy Collection that re-imagined the iconic Shea body butter as a luxurious floral lotion. The violet scent is lovely, and it reminds me of springtime. The texture is so fluffy and light, it’s basically feels like foam in your hands. I will definitely be repurchasing this one.


A longtime favourite

The Body Shop is one of the first beauty brands I fell in love with. I’ve been shopping there for about fifteen years now and my list of favourite products is always growing. The Almond Hand & Nail Cream is definitely in my top ten, because it’s just so good. On the days when my skin and nails look really dry, this is hand cream I’ll reach for every time. I like that it’s not just moisturizing my hands but also treating my nails and cuticles with almond oil. The Hemp Hand Cream is also really effective, but I prefer the scent of sweet almond to hemp.


What are you using to keep your hands moisturized? Have you tried any of these brands? Tell me in the comments.

One thought on “The five hand creams I’m using right now

  1. OMG that is so me too. I’ve been singing happy birthday everytime I’ve been doing my 20 second hand wash routine lol 😂 I have a feeling this is gonna stick with me even after covid finishes xx

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