Cake Beauty launched a new skincare line and here’s what I thought

There’s one product I can’t stop using.

I’ve been a fan of Cake Beauty’s body care line for years, and I’ve even written about my favourite products a few times. So when I heard this Canadian brand was launching a skincare line, I told myself I’d try the entire line. I found them tucked on a shelf in Shopper’s Drug Mart one day, and the rest was history. I’ve been using them steadily for the past couple weeks, and I can say I really liked them all. The collection is small—there are only eight products—and I tried six of them. The biggest surprise was discovering that the products didn’t have the decadent, sugary scents I’m used to experiencing in their body care line. Here’s the rundown on the collection and what I thought about it:

Cake Beauty Gelato Cleansing Balm,

The Cleansing Balm

I’ve tried my fair share of cleansing oils and balms, and my initial reaction to this one is that it’s thick. Like I should drop the ‘k’ and add a ‘c’—thicc! It took a little effort to squeeze a dollop out of the tube, and I learned my face had to be wet (not just damp) when I applied it to my face. Thankfully, I didn’t need a lot of product to cover my face, and it breaks down all the makeup on my face. Even the most stubborn mascara and eyeliner seemed to melt away. And I liked this a bit more than a cleansing oil, because it’s not as messy as a cleansing oil. I usually start my nighttime skincare routine with a cleansing balm, so this product was perfect. Instead of stripping the moisture from my face, my skin still felt soft and hydrated afterward.

Cake Beauty Baby Skin Bubble Facial,

The Exfoliating Facial

I was pleasantly surprised by this exfoliating product. I tend to gravitate toward chemical exfoliants over physical exfoliants, and this another product I’ll add to my favourite list. I expected it to be a bit harsher on my skin, but it was very gentle. It came out of the bottle as a gel, but started to foam when I applied it to my skin. It’s really cool to watch and you can feel the bubbles fizzling, which kind of tickles (but in a good way). You can leave it on for up to three minutes before rinsing your face, but I usually keep it on for about half that time. I’ve noticed after using it every other day for a few weeks that my skin is much softer and smoother, especially around my chin where my skin tends to be dry and patchy.

Cake Beauty Prep Fresh Toning Mist,

The Toning Mist

The toning stage of my routine is really important to me, because I have oily/combination skin. I need a product that’s going to balance my skin and provide a little extra hydration to the drier parts of my face. I’ve been using Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Brightening Gycolic Essence for this reason. But I also like using face mists, because I can use them throughout the day to give my skin a little pick me up. This toning mist is very similar to other products I’ve tried. It has the faintest scent of rose from the combination of rose water and rose hip oil. It also has witch hazel extract to control oil production and aloe vera to soothe skin. I’m happy to use it now, but might phase it out as we head into the fall and winter months when it tends to be drier.

Cake Beauty Bouncy Serum,

The Serum

This is the only product in the line that I don’t have a strong opinion about. But, to be fair, I was probably asking for a lot based on my experience using other serums. I’m a huge fan of Vichy’s Minéral 89 and Biossance Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum and will probably continue to use those ones going forward. This serum has a creamy texture and seemed very similar to the priming moisturizer. It’s definitely more affordable than the other I mentioned, but it didn’t really notice a difference in my skin when I chose to skip this product and just apply my face cream.

Cake Beauty Air Whip Priming Moisturizer,

The Primer + Moisturizer Duo

I love the idea behind a 2-in-1 product like the priming moisturizer and I know other brands like Glossier, Korres, and Embryolisse have launched similar products. A primer is supposed to create a smooth base for your foundation while a moisturizer helps hydrate your skin. Blending the two into a singular product just helps streamline the process. And that’s what this priming moisturizer does. I just add a little on my hand and pat it into my skin before I add foundation— if I wear any at all. I like that it’s very moisturizing and sinks into my skin quickly. It doesn’t leave behind a greasy film like other moisturizers I’ve tried. My skin looks bright and dewy, so I usually opt to go makeup free. And on the days that I do wear a little foundation and blush, my makeup lasts all day.

Cake Beauty Real Rich Hydrating Cream,

The Face Cream

The only difference between my day and night routine is that I’ll add in the bubbling facial and swap the priming moisturizer for this face cream. It’s a bit thicker than the priming moisturizer, which makes it a perfect night cream. You can still use it during the day, because it has a light, whipped texture that doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. But, I love applying it at night, because it absorbs quickly into my skin, and the next morning my skin looks dewy and hydrated. I’m looking forward to using this as the temperature drops and the air gets drier. It’ll be a great moisturizer to use as the weather transitions into fall and eventually winter.

Conclusion: It’s a win

If you’re looking for a straightforward beauty routine, I would definitely recommend the Cake Beauty skincare line.I also love that the products are vegan and made by a Canadian brand. The fact that there’s minimal or no fragrance in the products means even people with sensitive skin could use this—remember to patch test though. I’ve been posting more no makeup selfies lately, and I think it’s because I love how hydrated and glowy my skin looks these days. That Baby Skin Bubble Facial is a keeper.

Have you tried Cake Beauty products before? Which skincare products are you most excited to try? Tell me in the comments.

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