I bought all the things at Jenny Bird’s sample sale

But, to be fair, I got some great pieces. 

After years of buying piles and piles of cheap jewellery, I decided enough was enough. I realized I was buying so many pieces—earrings, bracelets, and rings—but then throwing them out after a few months because they broke, got lost, or became so tarnished I couldn’t wear them. I still have quite the collection of staple jewellery from Kate Spade, House of Harlow and more but I mostly have pieces I bought for like $5 to $15 from H&M, Aldo, and Forever 21.


Fine jewellery

And, while I love buying cheap jewellery because I can get a bunch of different styles for an affordable price, I just couldn’t keep up with how quickly I was throwing them out. I definitely developed a couple tricks to protect them, like apply a coat of clear nail polish before wearing my rings, but eventually I just had to get rid of them. So, I decided it was time to invest in some new pieces that were a little more expensive but just as fashionable.


The new wave

Enter Jenny Bird. I learned about this Canadian jewellery designer during a fashion internship and I’ve been obsessed with the brand ever since. The pieces Jenny creates are modern, minimalist, and so classic I can’t help but love everything she designs. Last year, I went to a sample sale in downtown Toronto and scooped up a couple pieces, one of which was quickly borrowed and then adopted by my mother. They look amazing on her so I was totally okay with it.


My 2018 collection

This year, I knew I’d pick up a couple more pieces at the sample sale and hopefully do some of that Christmas shopping I’ve been meaning to finish—I didn’t. I was immediately drawn to the La Vue Pin and the La Bouche Pin that went with it. I remember seeing them last year when they were introduced as a part of the latest collection. And one year later, they’re mine.


The La Vue Pin ($65) and the La Bouche Pin ($60)



I’m also so obsessed with my new hoops. The gold ones with the yellow accents are literally my favourite pair of earrings right now. The silver ones were so different but still minimalist and I kind of liked that they were still very light even thought they’re chunkier in shape. I tend to gravitate toward gold so the silver was a little out of my comfort zone.


And, the best thing happened a couple weeks after the sale; I got to meet Jenny in the flesh. Jenny Bird had a series of trunk shows and I got to meet her at a trunk show in Nordstrom. I went with a couple friends and we were internally fangirling the entire time. I also bought another pair of earrings—naturally.

8 thoughts on “I bought all the things at Jenny Bird’s sample sale

    1. I have been wearing Jenny Bird jewelry for about three years now and even my first pair of earrings are still in mint condition. Absolutely no tarnishing, marks, or anything.


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