My 2019 Christmas wish list

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas...

I honestly can’t believe it’s already December. 2019 went by quickly, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all. The last couple months were a little stressful, but I’m finally in a good place. I put up Christmas decorations this week to officially ring in the holiday season and got my nails done, too. And while I’m covering every inch of my house with holiday cheer, I’m thinking of a few items on my Christmas wish list. This year has been so great that I had a really hard time coming up with a list of things that I really wanted. Also, I may have gone a little wild over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I digress.

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Christmas mood.

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Here’s my Christmas wish list for 2019!

Girl Power

I’ve been eyeing the Hilary MacMillan feminist capsule collection for months, and I would absolutely love to get my own varsity jacket. The jacket with feminist written on the back drew me in. But I’m a true ’90s girl who grew up listening to the Spice Girls, so the GRL PWR jacket is on the top of my wish list.

Chill out

I’m a little late to this trend, but I can’t get over the rise of the mini beauty fridge. It’s so cute, and I love the idea of being able to pop my favourite skincare products in the fridge to chill. It’s completely unnecessary for moisturizers and serums, FYI. But I like the idea of putting my jade roller and sheet masks in the fridge, so when I’m ready to use them, they’re extra chilly. Nordstrom has one that I really want, but I’ve seen them in other stores, too.


Teeny, tiny purses

I have a not-so-secret obsession with Matt and Nat, and I’ve been looking for a new addition to my growing collection. I’ve been really into small purses lately. It’s part of my attempt to only take what I need when I go out, and not carry around a huge Mary Poppins bag for no reason. Plus, tiny purses have become really popular this year, and I’m loving it. This adorable purse by Matt and Nat caught my eye a while ago, but I really wanted it in a nice fall colour. Luckily for me it comes in a beautiful berry red colour that’ll look good with just about every outfit in my closet!


The hair accessory du jour

I’m not the only one who’s becoming increasingly obsessed with hair accessories, right? With the return of the scrunchie, oversized hair clips, and more, the only thing I can think about lately is what accessories I can use in my hair. I went to a Christmas market last year and discovered the awesome African clothing brand, Siriani’s Fashion. There is a small collection of head wraps that I can’t stop thinking about, so they’ve made their way onto my wish list.


Pins and patches

I’m still collecting pins like my life depends on it, and lately I’ve had my eye on a few ’90s-inspired ones like this adorable Helga Pin from Homecoming Goods. The online store is filled with these fantastic pins and patches that are just too cute for words. I already have a side-eyeing D.W. pin, but I’m hoping to get the Helga pin to match.


Prime time

I’ve tried quite a few primers over the years, but I always come back to this Strivectin primer that I tried almost two years ago. It’s applies like an absolute dream, and completely blurs the fine lines around my mouth. In other words, it’s a godsend and need more of it in 2020.


Literally anything Biossance

I don’t think it’s a secret that Biossance is one of my favourite skincare brands. I love everything from the packaging and the formula to the values of this green beauty brand. I’ve had a few of their newer products on my list for months now, but the new Biossance eye cream is at the top. Sometime in the last couple of years, I started using eye cream every day, and I really loved the Biossance eye gel. So I’m really excited to try the cream.


Plant parent 2020

This year I became the parent of a beautiful elephant ear plant and a tiny succulent. In the new year, I’d like a few more plants in my bedroom to take care of, and I’m going to need a new watering can to get the job done. There’s this super cute gold water can at H&M that would be absolutely perfect!


Stackable hoops

I got my ears pierced for my birthday earlier this year at Mejuri, and I’ve been dying to get a pair of huggie hoops to replace the studs I have in now. I’ve been trying to invest more money in buying fine jewellery instead of costume jewellery, and this year it’s been going well so far. Although, I still found my way to Claire’s a couple times for earrings. I’ve been obsessing over these adorable hoops from Mejuri, and I think they’d be perfect for my second piercings.

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The stacking essentials. 💯

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Happy Holidays!

Are you excited for the holidays? What are some of your Christmas traditions? What’s on your Christmas wish list? Tell me in the comments.