I went to the HideSeek pop-up in Toronto

It was a 90s kid thing.

I think there are a few distinct childhood memories that all 90s kids have. We remember what life was like before the internet. We all shared a deep love for our Disney VHS movies and dreamed of going to Disneyland. And finally, we had our favourite girl and/or boy band and probably still do. Spice Girls will always have my heart. The point is, as the babies of the millennial generation, we all share these moments that have come to define our generation. We have loved and lost so many things that are unique to our 90s upbringing. And now that they’re back, with a retro flair and a hint of nostalgia.

Enter the HideSeek pop-up in Toronto. It’s supposed to be a huge adult playground with a few nods to the 90s/00s eras in each room. From blow up couches and Trix cereal boxes to Slinkys and box TVs. Oh, and let’s not forget the mashup of current and old school pop music that plays in each room. It was awesome. The moment I found out about the pop-up, I got excited. I love a good pop-up as much as I love momentarily regressing to my childhood. Having the two together is just the perfect combination!

I went with my sister and niece and we had a blast. Check out the photos below of my experience.


Have you been to a 90s-themed pop-up? What is your favourite thing about the 90s? Tell me in the comments.

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