Living in this Joe Fresh dress all summer

Feeling fresh in my all-white outfit.

Toronto is finally heating up and I think I’m finally ready for some summer weather. I’m already wearing some of my favourite summer looks from last year, namely my printed floral dress and striped t-shirt dress. But, I’ve also been adding a couple new pieces to my wardrobe and this linen maxi dress from Joe Fresh is one of them.

First, I want to say how happy I am that Joe Fresh expanded its collection to include plus sizes in recent years. I’m also very happy that plus size clothing is incorporated into the rest of the women’s section and not in a separate part of the store. It’s such a small thing but it honestly feels great to be able to look through everything in the women’s section and know your size is there. I think a lot of fashion brand could look at this Joe Fresh model because it’s the most size-inclusive stores I’ve shopped at.


I’m in love with this maxi dress because it is so light, casual and it has pockets! I can see myself living in this dress all summer long. And, because it’s a linen fabric, I know it’ll keep me looking cool. I originally paired this dress with a pair of espadrilles but decided not to. I’ve been wearing my white Filas nonstop lately and I’ll probably continue to do so throughout the summer months. The basket was an impulsive addition. I used it as a purse a couple times in and loved it. Check out my photos below and as always, outfit details are at the bottom.

IMG_6241IMG_6226IMG_6238IMG_6262IMG_6249IMG_6212IMG_6271SHOES – FILA ;  DRESS – JOE FRESH ;

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