Overalls are my old skool love

woman wearing overalls

My love for overalls is unconditional. As a true 90s kid, I had my own collection of OshKosh overalls in various colours up until the time I was about six or seven. I distinctly remember a pair of faded corduroy overalls that I used to wear with a dark purple turtleneck. Like I said, I’m a 90s kid.

As an adult, I’m still pretty obsessed with them and I’ll find any opportunity to wear them. Addition Elle had a few pairs of overalls over the last couple of years and I’ve been faithfully purchasing them. I’m hoping they’ll come out with a pair in black or white.

Here’s my latest post in honour of my old skool love for overalls. Enjoy!


OVERALLS – Addition Elle ; SHIRT – Old Navy ; JACKET – Forever 21 ; PURSE – Winners ; SHOES – Long Tall Sally ;

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