The scents I’m wearing this summer

So, I’m obsessed.

I love clothes. I love purses and jewelry. I love shoes, hats, sunglasses, and sparkly nail polish. But I also have a huge obsession with perfume and it started somewhere around the time I started high school. My mother bought my first real bottle of perfume in the form of Nina by Nina Ricci and my life was changed forever. From there I branched out to Marc Jacobs, Miss Dior, and Guerlain but Nina Ricci is definitely still one of my favourites.

For the last couple weeks I’ve been using a few specific scents and I thought I’d share them. Check out the photos below!


Nina Ricci – L’Extase Caresse de Roses


Marc Jacobs – Daisy Dream Blush IMG_5243

Guerlain – La Petite Robe

These are just a few of my favourites on rotation at the moment. I will be sure to do another post with a couple more in the coming months.

Do you have a favourite scent? Let me know in the comment section!

8 thoughts on “The scents I’m wearing this summer

  1. My go to is Body by Burberry! But I’m looking for something a little lighter for spring/summer, Daisy Dreams is my go to for the warmer seasons right now 😊

    1. My sister got me Body for my birthday. Love! And Daisy Dream is probably one of my favourite scents! Thanks for commenting!

    1. I’m pretty much obsessed with all of the Marc Jacobs perfumes. LOLA is another favourite of mine. Thanks for your comment!

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