Faux leather tights are a must

I slay, all day!

I was definitely feelin’ myself in this outfit today. But I’m also still coasting on the high of being in Queen Bey’s presence a couple weeks ago. Yeah, it was that magical.

I’m loving my outfit mostly because of my boots. They’re super comfortable and I get an extra two to three inches which puts me comfortably over six feet (my goal in life). Also, I really love the look of leather pants but I’m not sure if I could full blown Ricky Martin. Please pardon the 90s reference. But that’s why I love these leggings with the leather look on the front. I still get the comfort and stretch of regular leggings with a bit more edge. Finally, I found one of my favourite bags that I bought during my first year of university which was also the year I discovered online shopping. I think you can see where I’m going with this…

Anyway, check out my latest outfit and as always the details are below!


Boots – LTS (here); Leggings- LTS; Top- F21; Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs via Shopbop

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