How I styled velour and tulle

A perfect pairing.

If we’ve been reliving the 90s for the past few years then I think we’re quickly transitioning into the early 2000s and all its fashion dos and don’ts. Velour tracksuits and tearaway pants were such a trend in the early 00s and they’re definitely back for a do-over. I’m okay with it though because it means I get to relive my pre-teen years but minus all the awkwardness.

I’m also still into wearing my skirts despite the fact that it’s basically winter. My commitment to looking cute knows no bounds. But, in my defence, I lived in Ottawa for five years so Toronto winters don’t really phase me anymore. I’m still obsessed with my pink tulle skirt from H&M and even more so now that I know it matches my Puma crop top from ASOS. The velour bomber was the perfect layer. It just adds a bit of softness that my black bombers couldn’t achieve. It was a random find from boohoo but I actually love it.

Anyways, check out the photos below and as always outfit details are at the bottom.



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