The CNE, mini donuts and a mellow yellow ootd

All the donuts!

Despite the fact that I complained about the warm weather more than I enjoyed it, I kind of miss it a little bit. The temperatures in Toronto plummeted and now apparently we’re in fall. I’m more shocked than anything else because I had a couple more summer-friendly outfits planned. I’m also avoiding my seasonal trip down to the basement where I have at least half a dozen bins full of clothing. I’m excited to pull out a few of my beloved cardigans but I also just bought a new pair of sandals last week and now I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do. Actually, scratch that. I’ll still wear the sandals because they’re adorable.

My hesitation to embrace fall is largely due to the fact that I waited until now to share my photos from the CNE. It’s a family tradition to trek down to Exhibition Place at the end of the summer and spend the day consuming way too much food and being spun, propelled and launched into the air via all the insane rides the exhibition has to offer. It’s the best way to finish the summer break before all the students head back to school. I went with my sister a couple of times, mostly for mini donuts, but also for a mini photoshoot. Check out the photos below and as always outfit details are at the bottom.



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