Happy New Year: I’m feeling brand new

a photograph of the Karl Lagerfeld 2016 Fashion Agenda and a marble print notebook

Happy New Year!

Welcome to my brand new blog and I will apologize in advance for the next few months as I get my bearings. To be honest, this blog started off as a New Year’s resolution but I’ve always wanted to start one. It’s been one of those things I kept saying I’d do when I had more time and energy. As it turns out, there is no such thing as more time or energy. I figured if I didn’t start it now I probably never would.

So here I am on the New Year’s Eve, writing my very first post.


New traditions

I started a new tradition for New Year’s where I buy a new agenda and fill it with important dates and my New Year’s resolutions. This year, I managed to find an awesome fashion-inspired agenda and a beautiful marble textured notebook at Chapters.

2016 Fashion Agenda By Karl at chapters.indigo.com

You betta work!

The only things I love as much as I love fashion are probably books. I lucked out with a combination of the two. The fashion agenda is small which is great because it’s portable and fits easily in any bag I’ll be carrying around this year. Also, it’s filled with adorable quotes and little sketches on the sides. The spaces for each day are a little short but stretch across both pages of the book. There’s just enough space to write down the important things so I’m happy with this pick.

Marble journal by Eccolo at chapters.indigo.com

This journal was more of a splurge but it was so pretty I couldn’t resist picking it up. It’s also small and portable so I won’t have any issues taking it with me. I’m really excited to start using it.

I’m hoping to post as regularly as I can but we’ll see how it goes. Mostly I’m just happy that I finally got this blog started. Wish me luck!

Thanks for checking out my blog and have Happy New Year!

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