Embracing a minimalistic look

The last month has been crazy. School started and I had no idea how much extra time I would have to get this blog up. It turns out the answer is zero. I quickly realized that starting a blog in the middle of an Ottawa winter was not the wisest choice.

But, c’est la vie.

Finding places to shoot on campus or anywhere in the city for that matter is harder than I thought. I’m hoping it’s easier as the winter winds down in the next couple of months. Last week I was able to take some random pictures on campus and decided to share.

One thing you’ll notice quickly about my style is that I’m a fan of black. All black everything. When I’m not wearing all black, I’m usually wearing one piece of clothing that adds colour, or in this case a contrast, to my otherwise all black attire.

Here is my take on minimalistic simplicity! Outfit details below.


Outfit: Jacket – Addition Elle; Shirt – ASOS; Pants – Old Navy; Shoes – Long Tall Sally; Clutch – Forever 21

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