Reliving my Montreal memories

Is it tacky to post pictures you’ve been holding on to for about a year? Because that’s how old these pictures are. But, in my defence, my Facebook memories reminded me of where I was exactly a year ago today and I’m feeling a little nostalgic now.


The beautiful, fabulous city that I’m more than a little obsessed with. Last year was my first time going and I’m convinced I should move there. The culture, the food, and the easy-going French vibes are among the many reasons I continue to go back.

Last year’s trip was more about learning to navigate the city and enjoying all the stereotypical tourist spots. I can proudly say that I’ve all but mastered the transit system. During the two days I spent there with my sisters, we crammed in as many activities as possible. My overall shorts and Chelsea boots were the best choice for all the walking we did. Check out the photos and as always outfit details are below!

IMG_5142Via Rail Station in Ottawa, Ontario

IMG_5194The Jean-Talon Market

IMG_5290Montreal Botanical Garden


IMG_5150 Somewhere in Montreal, Quebec

IMG_5180Mont Royal in Montreal, Quebec

Chelsea Boots – LTS ;  Overall Shorts – Addition Elle ;  Mesh Top – Addition Elle ; Sunglasses – ALDO ;  Backpack – Lululemon

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