This graphic tee was a necessity

I love you like a 90s love song, baby!

September, for me, is the start of a new year. The excitement most people experience during New Years’ Eve is the exact feeling I get at the start of a new school year. The mere thought of buying new clothes and school supplies fills me with such childlike joy it’s actually ridiculous. But, hello, gel pens!

I’m actually really excited to head back to classes for the year. I’m starting a new program at a new school and I’ve pretty much accepted that I’ll be a professional student for the rest of my twenties.

I’m actually still planning my “first day of school” outfit but I usually channel Blair Waldorf as my style inspo and go from there. It’s my way of setting high sartorial expectations for myself knowing full well I’ll end up in leggings and cardigans by the end of the semester. However, right now I’ll enjoy the last few days of summer break with a more relaxed kind of look featuring my favourite joggers from Joe Fresh and this new t-shirt I got from Redbubble. I saw this adorable tee on Pinterest and immediately wanted one for myself.

Check out the photos below to see how I styled it. As always outfit details are at the bottom!




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