Why you need a pair of striped joggers

Athleisure at its finest.

The jogger has become a must-have item for street style fanatics and I’m finally board. With its skinny, elasticized ankle and casual-cool versatility, the jogger has become the trendy little brother of the O.G, sweatpants.

I was never a big sweatpants fan. I wear them in the house for comfort and only wear them out of the house on super cold days during the winter when I literally have nothing else to wear. In other words, sweatpants are my last resort. But, I will admit that the jogger has really grown on me and I finally found a few pairs that I’m happy to wear outside at any point. I think it’s the stripe on the side that takes it to the next level. That’s what drew me to this pair at Addition Elle. A little splash of red and I was all in. I loved that it also matched my striped bomber I bought from Boohoo. I was immediately drawn to the snaps on the sides and I’ve been trying to find something to pair it with. Enter the jogger.

My jogger-bomber combo is the epitome of streetwear and I had to finish off the outfit with a pop of white. I was eyeing this striped cropped sweatshirt at Forever 21 and decided to buy it. It was a nice contrast to the black and red and so comfortable. I’ll be living in this outfit for the rest of the year, for sure.

Check out the photos below and as always outfit details are at the bottom!



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