Dressing for winter weather

woman wearing a tweed jacket and black boots

After surviving several winters in the capital city, it’s always nice to experience the milder Toronto winter for a few days. I’m proud to say my winter style has improved over the last few years. Instead of surrendering to winter by wearing clunky boots and a giant parka, I try to take advantage of the warmer temperatures recently to wear a good outfit. Seriously, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to comfy chic.

This winter, I’ve been living in my grey tweed coat…and leggings. I confess. I’m one of those girls who wear leggings more than I wear anything else. Blair Waldorf would be appalled I’m sure but that does little to deter me from wearing them. Anyway, check out a few photos of my outfit and find the details below. Enjoy!


Jacket – Addition Elle ; Shirt – Forever 21 ; Leggings – Long Tall Sally ; Boots – Payless ; Laptop Case – Shopbop ; Sunglasses – Old Navy ; Scarf – Handmade ; Mittens – ALDO ;

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