My winter street style

What is my life right now?

I was doing so well with my blog the first few weeks in January and then life happened.I’m realizing how difficult it is to shoot when the weather is not cooperating. Nevertheless, I’m back and I’m hoping this awesome weather continues for the rest of February and into March.

If I’m being honest, I will confess to wearing leggings more often than not during the winter months. Mostly because I never leave the house if I don’t have to but also because leggings are life. I would love to wear more skirts and dresses but sometimes it’s just too cold or too impractical. Especially when I’m out there slipping on ice every other step.

All this to say, Toronto weather is unpredictable at times. However, there have been a couple warm days and I took advantage of them to shoot my favourite weekend outfit in the winter. Boos, boyfriend jeans and my faux fur jacket.

Check out the photos below and as always, details are below!



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