Yellow is the new pink

Yellow is the new millennial pink, to be exact.

I don’t remember exactly when yellow fell on my radar but apparently I’m not the only one. In fact, yellow is becoming the unofficial colour of an entire generation. In the same way millennial pink has taken over the colour schemes and Instagram feeds as of late, yellow is set to be the designated hue of Generation Z. So if you were looking for a reason to wear yellow, consider this an engraved invitation.

I’ve been lowkey hoarding yellow sweater since like 2014 to be honest (see previous posts feat. yellow here and here). But my true awakening happened in the last few months when I realized how many people were just casually wearing yellow. From clothing to makeup to an entire aesthetic, yellow is definitely having a moment. And all I can say is: I’m here for it!!

I don’t get picky about the exact shade of yellow. I’ve worn everything from golden mustard yellow to obnoxiously neon yellow and right now I’m definitely feeling a pastel yellow. It’s perfect for spring and it’s the perfect transition from millennial pink.

Check out the photos below and as always outfit details are at the bottom.



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