My favourite outfits of 2018

I narrowed it down to my top five.

As we count down to 2019, it seems only natural to look back on this last year and reflect. There have been so many changes in my own life and I can always tell by the way my own personal style changes too.

This time last year, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a pantsuit but I found one I’m totally obsessed with and I can’t believe I ever said no to such a cornerstone closet item. I added to my faux fur collection with not one but three new pieces. My leopard print coat was such a random find but ended up becoming this fall’s biggest fashion staple.


And lastly, if not most importantly, yellow became my signature colour of 2018. If you’d asked me at the beginning of the year what my favourite colour was I would have said blue or these particular shade of millennial pink, but there’s something about the bright, golden hue of yellow that completely captured my attention this year. I’m carrying that over to the new year. Maybe I’ll even add a little orange into the mix.

Here are my top five favourite looks this year:

1. Paper bag pant princess


When I say I lived in these paper bag pants this year, I truly mean it. I bought them in black and then found out they came in olive green too—go figure. My favourite way to style them? A bodysuit, of course!


2. Pink tulle + 80s vibes


This year has really been the year of tulle skirts for me. I wore them nonstop and will probably continue to do so until I’m dead. This candy pink skirt is currently my favourite and I loved wearing it with my turtleneck sweater from H&M and my then brand new Converse.


3. Red hot pantsuit


I was so hesitant to wear this pantsuit. I fell in love with the bold red colour but was still unsure if I could pull it off. But once I tried it on and then took it home to style with my own collection of shoes, shirts, and accessories decided this pantsuit was a definite keeper. I took my cue from Glossier and paired the red with a little millennial pink.


4. Yellow summer dress


This mustard yellow dress was the perfect way to finish off a summer of bright colours and glowy skin and welcome in the cool and sometimes rainy days of autumn. I only wore it a few times before the weather got too cold but I’m planning to wear it the second winter is over next year.


5. Pink pleated skirt + sheer embroidered top


This skirt was probably my favourite item of clothing that I got this year. It was the perfect shade of pink with a subtle metallic finish that I didn’t notice when I bought it online but loved when I finally wore it outside. The embroidered top was a impulse-buy from Forever 21 but I loved the mix of pink, green and yellow!



I can’t really pick a favourite outfit, so I’ll leave that for you to let me know in the comments section. 2018 has been wild and I’m hoping 2019 will be even better.

Happy New Year!


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