How last winter’s faux fur coat became this fall’s fashion staple

Leopard prints are everywhere this season!

I was making my way through the cluttered clothing racks at Winners when I saw it. Surrounded by puffy, black winter coats sat my future impulse purchase: a faux fur leopard print coat. It was in my exact size and the faux fur felt soft under my fingers. It fit like a dream and I had already made up my mind that I was buying it. I walked home with a big Winners bag and an even bigger smile.

That was last year.

I wore my coat throughout the winter and even posted an #ootd on the blog. I had no idea leopard print would be one of the biggest trends this fall. But, it seems that leopard print is currently battling it out with teddy coats for the number one slot. I’m still undecided on the teddy coat trend, if I’m being honest. I think there’s a fine line between chic fall coat and re-purposed bathrobe and I’ve seen quite a few that fall into the latter category. A leopard print coat, however, that’s just classic.





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