I found my shade in Beautyblender’s new Bounce Foundation

I tried Beautyblender’s new Bounce Foundation and I’m pretty happy with the results.

In late July, Beautyblender announced the launch of its first foundation line and the internet erupted. Many were excited about this new product, myself included. A brand that singlehandedly disrupted the beauty industry with an egg-shaped sponge dipped in water deserves all the attention when it announces a new product. That’s just respect. Beautyblender said there were 32 shades in the collection and after the success of Fenty Beauty’s impressive shade range, I was excited to see if other beauty brands would follow suit.

Unfortunately, our first look at the shade range was pretty disappointing. When news broke, Instagram beauty insider trendmood1 posted a picture of collection and many were unhappy with the lack of shade diversity.


As a person of colour and specifically a woman with a deep/dark skin tone, I was also disappointed with the lack of shade options. It felt like dark-skinned women were back to being lumped into a few shades at the end of a foundation line instead of being recognized as a spectrum of different shades and undertones.

I searched the internet for articles and videos by beauty bloggers and vloggers about their experience with Beautyblender’s new foundation. Not all of it was positive; but, in September I came across an event at Sephora and I decided I should try out the collection myself.

The event was pretty cool. A bunch of MUAs wearing t-shirts in Beautyblender’s signature pink shade were circling Sephora and helping customers find their perfect shade. It took a couple tries but I eventually got my shade: 4.50. I bought it along with a brand new beautyblender, for reasons, and went home to test out the foundation.


I absolutely fell in love with the packaging. It’s so minimalist and sophisticated and I love the concave addition on the back. It’s a makeshift palette made specifically for a beautyblender. It’s genius. The bottle also comes with a lock mechanism, which makes this foundation perfect for travel.


The MUA who matched me told me the golden rule for this foundation was to apply it with a beautyblender in a dabbing motion instead of rubbing or brushing it into my skin.

When I applied it at home and saw my face in broad daylight I noticed that the formula had more of a reddish undertone than I was used to. I tend to be more of a neutral undertone so I was a little skeptical about a foundation with a warmer undertone. It didn’t look horrible, just different. And, by the time I finished putting on the rest of my makeup I think it wasn’t as noticeable. I definitely skipped the blush though.


I definitely loved the texture and longevity of the formula. It wasn’t super matte but like a combination of dewy and matte together if that makes sense. Beautyblender calls this a velveteen matte finish and I’m about it. My skin still felt hydrated, which is probably from all the hyaluronic that’s in this foundation, and I’m a bit of a fan.

I came to the conclusion that this will definitely be my summer shade when my skin has a glowy, warmer complexion. If I use it in the dead of winter I think it’ll look like a spray tan gone very, very wrong.


Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation ($52, sephora.ca)

Have you tried Beautyblender’s new foundation? Are you thinking about it? Tell me in the comments!

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