These are my current beauty obsessions

I won’t stop talking about these products and it’s becoming a problem.

The last few months have been so busy for me that I’ve fallen into a beauty rut. I’m talking about that basic five-minute makeup look you do right before you leave the house or the unplanned sans-makeup look you have to live with because you only have enough time to slather a layer of sunscreen and lip gloss on your face before making a last-minute dash to the bus stop in the morning.

Luckily for me, I found a few products this fall that I’ve been so obsessed I don’t feel bad about my abandoned online shopping carts at Sephora and other beauty websites I love to cyber stalk. And with all the holiday sales popping up this season, I’ll have ample opportunity to hoard my next batch of products. But, for the last month or so, these have been my favourite everyday beauty products.

Nina Ricci’s new Nina fragrance

If you know anything about me, you know I’ve been collecting the Nina by Nina Ricci fragrances since I was in high school. The latest edition was unveiled earlier this year and I quickly worked it into my rotation when I finally bought it at Murale over the summer. It’s a new take on a fragrance that has become one of signature scents. This will definitely be on my Christmas list this year because I’ll probably finish come New Years.

IMG_1420Nina Ricci Les Monstres de Nina Ricci Nina Eau de Toilette, 80 mL, $96,

A night of soothing sheet masks

I love a good sheet mask, especially now that we’re heading into a dry, cold winter.  In fact, I have an entire round up of hydration-friendly beauty products that I turn to during this transitional weather.

Normally, I would reach for one of my beloved Moisture Bomb sheet masks by Garnier or a rubber mask by Dr. Jart. but I decided to try out The Skin Forum’s sheet mask set and was so happy with the results. I found them at a new beauty boutique in Toronto, called Bloom Beauty, and immediately fell for the millennial pink packaging and fun gold foil leopard print.

I absolutely loved the lip mask because it actually fit around my lips and stayed. The serum was so nice and I loved the scent and the fact that it’s loaded with collagen. I even enjoyed the deep cleansing pore strip for my nose. I found the sheet masks incredibly soothing and my skin felt so soft the next morning I couldn’t help but touch. This will be on my top sheet mask list for sure.

IMG_2670Glam In Paradise Mask Set, $26,

The red lip product I was missing

I’m not a big fan of red lips on myself. I will rock a bright pink or purple lip any day of the week but there’s something about a red lip that seems so much more serious. But, earlier this year I was introduced to this small Canadian beauty brand who specializes in finding the perfect red, nude, and pink lipstick for your skin tone. Amazing, right?

I did the quiz and confirmed that I have a neutral skin ton, which means I can float between warm and cool shades but I also have a collection of neutrals as well. I absolutely love the formula which is more glossy and super hydrating but is also very buildable. I can easily wear it as a lip stain or layer up and have that perfect bold lip.

IMG_1550TON Cosmetics Lipstick in Medium Neutral 2, $19,

Eyelash extensions need not apply

Although I’ve worn eyelash extensions a few times and enjoy having them for the most part—when they’re not trying to stab me in the eye—but I also enjoy being able to rub my eyes, or use cleansing oils, and a handful of other things I can’t do when I wear them. Enter Glossier’s lash slick mascara and all my problems are solved forever.

The formula is incredibly lightweight and is focused on lengthening your natural lash instead of thickening it. Don’t get me wrong, it will still add a bit of thickness and intensity but that was never my problem.

My lashes are already thick and curly so I need a mascara that’s going to add some extra length without feeling heavy or stiff. Glossier’s Lash Slick is that mascara. I can barely feel it, even after wearing multiple coats and leaving it on all day. I will definitely use other mascaras when I need something more dramatic but Lash Slick is my everyday go-to from now on.

IMG_2685.JPGGlossier Lash Slick, $16,

My new everyday foundation

I recently wrote a post about finding my shade in Beautyblender’s new foundation and said I would probably only wear it during the summer when my normally neutral undertone becomes slightly warmer. But the truth is I’ve been wearing it more often than not these days and it’s because I love the texture of this formula. It’s pumped with hyaluronic acid, which helps my skin absorb and retain moisture. I’ve noticed my skin is in need of a moisture boost more often that not, so I’m happy to use this foundation everyday.

IMG_1928Beautyblender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation in 4.50, $52,

What beauty products have you been obsessing over? Tell me in the comments!

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