The winter Glossier haul

Another day, another Glossier haul.

My love for Glossier knows no bounds, and I’ve shared my love for the millennial pink cult-favourite beauty brand on more than one occasion (1, 2, 3, 4). Now, I’m back with a new haul featuring a few favourites as well as a new batch of products I haven’t tested yet. I went a little crazy during the Christmas holidays and treated myself to some skincare winners.


Replenishing the must-haves

Over the last year I’ve become even more attached to Glossier and their products. I’ve noticed how much skincare routine has developed since the beauty brand came into my life. I’ve really simplified my makeup routine as well. There are a handful of products I will use everyday and most of them are Glossier.

Over the holidays I realized I needed to replenish a couple everyday beauty necessities: Glossier’s wowder in the shade rich, the fabulous boy brow in black and my favourite lip gloss ever. These are my beauty essentials and I’ve already talked about how much I love them in a few posts.


The newest obsessions

A new haul means new products to obsess over and I found a few that I immediately fell in love with. Glossier’s stretch concealer, which recently expanded to 12 shades, is a beauty lover’s pot of gold.

It’s lightweight, creamy formula is a dream to apply and it doesn’t move or crease. Some days I just use the concealer to cover my dark spots and finish with a little wowder to set. I really like how much coverage this concealer provides without streaking, clumping or fading. I’m wearing rich 50, which is now G2 in the new range and I can’t stop wearing it.


A subtle, dewy highlight

If there’s one thing Glossier does well it’s the no makeup makeup look. After using Glossier products in the morning, my skin just looks flawless and glowy, even when I’m not feeling particularly flawless or glowy. The haloscope highlighter is just another product that helps enhance the skin without being over the top. I use the shade moonstone on my cheekbones, both the inner and outer corners of my eyes, and underneath my brow.  The results are stunning. My skin doesn’t look as flat and matte but dewy and alive.


A face mist that will transport you

I’m kind of a face mist fiend. A couple pumps of face mist is a brief but necessary nirvana moment during a busy day. Especially now that it’s winter, I find myself reaching for a face mist as often as I reach for my lip gloss, which is a lot. This face mist from Glossier has the light, airy fragrance and has such a calming effect on my skin and my senses. I love using it first thing the morning to wake up my skin before I even think about applying makeup. I’ll also use it right before bed after a face mask (a sheet, sleeping, or otherwise hydrating beauty product).


Everyday is Glossier

There aren’t many beauty brands that I’ll use religiously but Glossier is one of them. From skincare to makeup, I’m always reaching for Glossier. I’ll definitely experiment with other brands, and have come to love many beauty products I test out, but Glossier will always have my heart.


Have you ever used Glossier products before? What’s your favourite? What are you dying to try? Tell me in the comments!

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