Glossier popped up in Toronto

This week in Toronto is definitely Glossier!

The popular beauty blog turned beauty brand empire, Glossier, recently announced that it would start shipping its luxury products to Canada. Part of the launch included a week-long pop-up shop in Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood, and us 6ixers showed up in droves to take advantage of the brand’s brick-and-mortar presence in the city.


All the beauty

I was shopping with my sisters over the weekend, because Fenty Beauty finally arrived in stores and we wanted to try them out in person.  And while we were downtown, we decided to stop by the Glossier pop-up and buy a few things. I don’t know why we thought we’d be able to just show up, because it seemed like every beauty lover in the city knew about the pop-up. We ended up waitin for an hour or so before we got inside, but it was definitely worth it. I wore pink because, well, it’s Glossier’s colour. My pink tulle skirt from H&M and Puma crop top perfectly matched each other and Glossier’s millennial pink aesthetic.


The Glossier experience

The entire store was in shades of pink and vibrant reds with curtains, creating a more private kind of atmosphere while we tried out the products. There were several stations with either makeup or skincare products that we could try on. I finally got to try the infamous Glossier lip gloss and loved how shiny it was. It brought me back to the ’90s and early ’00s when it was all about that shiny, glossy lip!


What I bought

I don’t say this about a lot of beauty brands, but Glossier’s packaging is actually flawless. Everything from the colours in their packaging to the little stickers you get with your purchase is so good. It was so hard choosing which things to buy, but I’m really happy with what I got. I decided on the Glossier Lip Gloss, because I’m totally obsessed with it. It’s just like what the lip gloss I wore as a kid but way less tacky. It applies like a dream, and doesn’t become a dry, sticky mess on your lips when you’ve had it on for a while. I also got the Priming Moisturizer, because I love the idea of using one product that eliminates two steps in my morning beauty routine. It’s super lightweight and it’s greasy, which is perfect for my oily skin.


I decided to only get a couple makeup products, because I really don’t wear a lot of makeup. I was dying to try out the Glossier Wowder in Rich, because I haven’t really found a setting powder that I like. It’s hard to find one that doesn’t look cakey or wash me out. After trying it out for a few days, I’ve decided I like it. It’s so light, I can barely feel it on my skin and it helps control the excess oil on my skin without drying it out.

The other product I was really excited to try was Cloud Paint in Haze. I’ve never been a fan of cream blushes, because they seem unnecessarily messy. I liked how pigmented this blush was. I really didn’t need a lot to get that flushed look on my skin. I will say that it’s definitely a little messy if I use my fingers, but I’ve started to use the excess colour as a stain for my lips. It gives my lips a nice pink-ish look, and then I use the lip gloss to complete the look.


I’m so happy that I got to try out the products in person before I bought them, but I think I’ll try out a few more online now that Glossier ships to Canada. I will definitely be repurchasing the Lip Gloss and Cloud Paint, because I use them pretty much every day now.

Have you tried Glossier before? Which products are you currently loving. Tell me in the comments!

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