My new skincare obsessions

The obsession is real!

My love for The Body Shop and really anything skincare related knows no bounds. I’m always looking for new products to try out and I absolutely love when my favourite brands come out with new things.


I’ve only ever used a couple products from The Body Shop’s Seaweed line but never really fell in love with them. Then I discovered the Oil-Control Mattifying Gel Day Cream and fell in love. This light, oil-free moisturizer has been part of my daily skincare since I bought it. It’s perfect for my skin which tends to be more oily, especially in the summer. I use it right before I prime in the morning.


The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Serum and Face Scrub have always been favourites of mine but with the recent launch of the Liquid Peel, I now have quite a few products from that line. Over the summer I was using the Vitamin C face cream that had SPF 30 built in and their light, citrusy face mist. I will continue to use the face mist into the winter because my skin will be in desperate need of some extra hydration and glow.


Have you found any new skincare products? Tell me about them in the comment section!

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