My skin is winter-proof thanks to these nighttime skincare products

Skincare in a winter wonderland.

There are certain products I will use year-round—Caryl Baker’s SPF 50 Sunscreen, BeautyRx Exfoliating Pads and Serum, and pretty much anything from Biossance’s skincare line. Everything else lives on a constantly rotating shelf of beauty products. During the winter, I bulk up my skincare routine with a collection of water-boosting products to keep my skin looking hydrated and glowy.

So far it’s been working. This is what I’ve been using on my skin every night this winter:


Gently cleansing with Glossier

I’ve really been into jelly cleanser lately and Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser is one of my favourites. Instead of being drying like other cleansers I’ve used, my skin just feels fresh. It’s so gentle and I love the almost creamy, gel texture. I use it after my cleansing oil—Biossance, Eve Lom, and Caudalie’s cleansing oils are in rotation—and then I’ll follow up with Bioderma’s Hydrabio H2O Hydrating Micelle Solution to remove the remnants of any makeup that got left behind.


Exfoliating with BeautyRx

Next up is my favourite exfoliating skincare duo: by BeautyRx. I wrote a post about how much these products have changed my skin. The lower percentage of glycol acids make these products to safe to use on your skin everyday with causing irritation or flare ups—I know, gasp!

It’s been about six months since I started using them but I’ve had such a positive experience from using them every night. The texture of my skin has completely soften. I’m constantly seeing results and I’m hoping overtime the rest of my dark spots will fade.

I alternate between the two each night—serum one day, then pad the day after—every single night.


Hydration prep with Vichy

Vichy has become my personal hydration station. From their Mineralizing Thermal Spray to the Quenching Mineral Mask, I’m a fan of several Vichy products. The Minéral 89 is probably my favourite product—and everyone’s favourite when they finally try it out. It’s a light, gel serum that I apply it before I use any of my other moisturizing products.

It’s pumped with hyaluronic acid or as I like to call it: the Zeus of skincare. Basically, hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it the god of all gods when it comes to skincare ingredients. I use two pumps of Minéral 89 and then press it into my skin. It dries down quickly but you can immediately feel the results.


Moisturize + Brightening Multitasker: Eve Lom

I fell for the packaging but stayed for the formula. Eve Lom’s Brightening Cream is one of my favourite winter moisturizers. It’s a bit thicker than the gel formulas I prefer using during the warmer months but it’s completely necessary during the winter.

The South Korean brightening ingredient, Dermapep, helps fight hyper pigmentation, which is one my biggest skin issues. I’m especially self conscious about my dark spots during the winter when I don’t have that even, glowy tan from spending so much time in the sun. It’s pretty expensive so I use it very sparingly but I really like using it. I also added the Eye Cream into my routine recently so I’m hoping to see some positive results soon.


Fall Asleep with Laneige

My last skincare step is to apply my sleeping mask. Laneige has one of the most popular sleep mask collections right now and it’s because they actually work. I started off with the Water Sleeping Mask and fell in love with how soft and supple my skin felt the next morning.

Sometimes I apply a little on my cheeks and chin—which tend to be drier than the rest of my face—and other times I’ll commit to a full mask and cover my entire face. If I used a sheet mask right before bed I would put a light layer of the Water Sleeping Mask after to lock it all in.

I tried the Lip Sleeping Mask after my best friend recommended it. It’s like an ultra-moisturizing berry lip balm that my skin actually absorbs and leaves this slight glossy finish. It’s fantastic. I use it every night and first thing in the morning, especially if I know I’ll be wearing a matte lipstick for the day.

The only reason I noticed how well the mask was working was when I remember I wasn’t using a lip scrub product every morning. Last winter I would’ve been recommending Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Scrub—and I still would because it’s amazing—but I haven’t felt the urge to repurchase it. My lips are still super soft and moisturized. It’s a win.

Sleep + Repeat

I’m so happy with my skin right now that I actually look forward to using all my skincare products at night. That’s really how I can tell if I’m really into a particular product. If I keep coming back to it every night it’s a definite keeper.

What are you using on your skin this winter? What are you absolutely obsessed with? Tell me in the comments!

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