I reviewed this new mascara primer and it’s a game changer

Celebrating National Lash Day with some OTT volume!

Every now and then I discover a beauty product or ingredient that suddenly becomes my latest obsession: hyaluronic acid, squalane, brow gel, and most recently mascara primer. I received a couple eye products from Ifluenster as a complimentary gift and I’m so happy with them. The Marc Jacobs Beauty Major Volume Mascara and Velvet Primer were instant favourites and I wanted to share my review. Enjoy!

IMG_4570The Major Volume Mascara, est. 2015

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara isn’t a new launch, but it’s new to me. After a little research, I learned that Marc Jacobs launched this mascara in early 2016. Just three years after diving into the beauty world—with a launch of over 120 products in 2013—Marc Jacobs dropped a game-changing mascara. Sephora actually released a tease video in late 2015 but the mascara wasn’t released until the following year.

According to WWD, the event took place in Manhattan’s Hotel Walcott ballroom and Winona Ryder (who appeared in the various launch ads) and Juno Temple were among some of the celeb guests in attendance. This would be one of Marc Jacobs Beauty’s many mascara products but it still remains a cult classic even years later.


The muse

The mascara was inspired by Marc Jacobs’ mother. One of his earliest beauty memories was watching his mother using the fibres from black velvet ribbon on her lashes to create her own false lashes. The volumizing mascara, with its thick, black pigment and curvy wand gives lashes a dramatic, false lash effect reminiscent of Mama Jacobs’ DIY falsies. Now, Marc Jacobs Beauty is back with a matching primer to condition, protect, and maximize our lashes.


It’s prime time

I’ve only ever used one mascara primer and I didn’t see any noticeable improvements in the length or volume of my lashes. I repurposed it as brow gel until I finished it but I’ve never really gone back to using mascara primer. So, if I’m being honest, I was a little skeptical about using this new primer by Marc Jacobs Beauty. It launched last week and I’m thinking it’ll be a definite game changer.

After reading about it, I learned that the Velvet Noir Primer is the real deal. It’s pumped with vitamin B5 and the formula provides the perfect base for long, full lashes. It also helps maintain the health of your lashes whether it’s used before applying mascara or by itself at night to condition lashes.


I was excited to try it both as a base for my mascara and by itself. The primer has a light, creamy texture and I found it helped extend my lashes, especially my non-existent lower lashes. The primer is like the ultimate lash definer. The wand picked up even the smallest lashes on the inner corners of my eyes and lower lash line.

By itself, the primer definitely helps separate and define lashes. It takes a while for the white residue to disappear. I applied it before I went to bed and fell asleep well before it was gone. Or maybe I rubbed it off in my sleep…? Who knows? But, it’s definitely not a serum so don’t expect it to absorb right away. You can apply the eyelash primer and let it dry, but I wouldn’t suggest using by itself unless you’re home because it will leave a slight coating on your lashes.

When I applied the mascara, I noticed my lashes were noticeably longer and defined. I used the primer with the Velvet Noir Mascara and my everyday lash slick mascara by Glossier. The primer definitely helped highlight my lower lashes more than if I had used the mascara alone. I also felt like using another coat of mascara was unnecessary because I got such a great result from one coat.


Next level volume

The chunky yet sleek packaging drew me in but I stayed for the volumizing formula. After using the primer and seeing the instant results, I was excited to layer the mascara on top. My lashes are naturally curly but I was curious to see if I could achieve longer, fuller looking lashes.

I thought I would have to wait for the primer to dry down or disappear completely but there was still a bit of residue left over even after a couple minutes of waiting. But, the mascara layers so nicely on top that after one coat, the primer is basically covered. The formula is weightless. It doesn’t feel hard or stiff. My lower lashes have never looked so defined and it makes me feel like Twiggy circa 1960.


Conclusion: the primer is a win

I read that you can layer any mascara on top but I really wanted to see what the Major Mascara was capable of. In the future, I will probably use the primer everyday because I get such great results and it helps save on adding multiple coats of mascara. The Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara is also a great product. My lashes looked so full and long but without the smudging or clumping that happens with other mascaras I’ve tried. I’m a fan.

The Velvet Noir Primer and Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara are both available at Sephora and I would highly recommend both!

IMG_4561Note: These were complimentary products from Influenster.

Have you tried mascara primer before? Are you a fan of Marc Jacobs Beauty? Tell me in the comments!

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