My favourite sheet masks of all time

These are my top six

Sheet masks have become a necessary part of my skincare routine, and I honestly can’t think about what I did before they came into my life. It’s only been about five or so years that I started using them, and I’m always looking for new ones to test out. Right now, I have a select few that I consider my top tier sheet masks. These are the ones that provide endless amounts of hydration, are easy to apply, and, okay, some of them are just really, really cool. The bubbling sheet mask by Rodial, for example, is just plain awesome. Here are my favourites.


Skin Forum


I came across this incredibly soothing Skin Forum sheet mask at a green beauty store in Toronto called Bloom Beauty. It was part of a mask package that had a face mask, eye mask, lip mask, and deep cleansing pore strip. I fell in love with the packaging, but I really liked that the serum was packed with natural and super-calming ingredients like watermelon and botanical extracts . Plus, it just smelled amazing. I tried them out last winter and they quickly became one of my favourites. The lip mask was great, because it actually fit around my lips and didn’t peel off. But, the sheet mask is the actual star of the show. My skin felt super soft after I used it and into the next day, too.


Flawless By Friday


It took me a bit of convincing to try out the Flawless By Friday five-day sheet mask system, but I’m so happy I did. I love sheet masks, but the idea of using one every day seemed like a bit much. Still, I loved the idea of detoxing my skin over the course of a week, using nothing but a collection of different sheet masks. So, I caved and did a whole review of the sheet masks.

Each day targeted a different skin issue like dehydration, wrinkles, or dull-looking skin, and on Saturday, I’d wake up with my best skin yet. I decided that while I did the sheet mask challenge, I wouldn’t wear makeup and I would keep my skincare routine to the bare minimum: cleanse, tone, moisturize. That way I could really see how well the sheet masks worked. 

There were certain masks I enjoyed more, and thought were more effective. The Monday hydration mask and Tuesday vitamin C mask were amazing, and I found them the most effective. But over the course the week, I noticed how each mask was helping to improve the texture and appearance of my skin. By Friday I was receiving compliments on my skin, which led me to believe that this sheet mask challenge was successful after all. 


Dr. Jart+


Dr. Jart+ is probably one of the first sheet mask brands I ever tried, and it’s still one of my favourites. I love the collection of different masks. I’ve only tried maybe half of them, but there are over 20 and they each target a different skin issue.

The rubber masks are some of my favourites because they’re a bit thicker than regular sheet masks. The rubber helps create a barrier between your skin and the air, so your skin can soak up more of the serum before it dries. I’ve tried a couple of rubber masks, but I always have one of the Hydration Lover masks handy during the winter. 




While I love using sheet masks, there are some times when sitting still for 10-15 minutes isn’t possible. These flash masks by Patchology have been a total lifesaver, because I only need to wear them for five minutes. That’s it!

I love keeping them in the car, in my purse, and at work for those times when I have a few minutes to use them. I keep them in my gym bag for after my workouts. I can replenish the moisture I lost while working out, the masks are super soothing, and I get a mini glow in the process.  I would totally recommend these as a pre-makeup application sheet mask, BTW. I’ve done that a few times before an event, and noticed how much easier it was to apply my makeup and how great my skin looked by the end of the night.




The Garnier Moisture Bomb line is an actual game changer when it comes to hydrating sheet masks. The mask is soaked in half a bottle of serum, and they feel so good on your skin. I really love that the mask is made of cotton because it’s so soft, and I can just throw it in the compost when I’ve finished.

Each mask in the collection targets a different skin issue and is best suited for a certain skin type. For example, the green mattifying sheet mask  is packed with green tea and hyaluronic acid, so it’s perfect for anyone with oily/combination skin. And the purple anti-fatigue sheet mask has lavender essential oils to treat dull and tired-looking skin. My favourites are the blue super hydrating mask, because I’m always down for extra hydration, and the black charcoal sheet mask because it helps detox and purify my skin.




Last but not least is the Rodial sheet mask collection, which is one of the most luxurious sheet mask lines I’ve ever tried. Each mask is part of a larger skincare collection like bee venom, vitamin C, dragon’s blood, and snake’s venom—yes, those are the actual names—and they’re pretty amazing.

The masks are made with Korean bio-cellulose technology that are very thin, but really good. My personal favourites are the bubbling snake mask, because it’s just super fun, and the energizing vitamin C mask, because I can actually see the results immediately after I use it. 



What sheet masks do you use? Which ones are your absolute favourite? Tell me in the comments.

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