I’m the queen of hearts and tulle

I heart it.

Getting dressed in the morning isn’t always easy, especially for a fashionista with several options at her fingertips. But, I also happen to be a normal person who loves to sleep in at every opportunity and will often run late as a result. When this happens I have little to no time to throw an outfit together and get out the door in the mornings.

This head-to-toe Torrid outfit may be one of my favourite I’m-running-late combinations as of late. I found this adorable black top that I’d never worn but bought years ago and paired it with one of my many super comfy tulle skirts. And voila! Instant cuteness. Add a pair of matching flats and my infamous nail polish bag and I’m ready. This time around I also added my fluffy, red pom pom earrings for some added colour and a pair of gold sunglasses. This outfit is great because I can easily wear it into the cooler fall months and without hesitation.

I’m also really excited about this post because I found a new place to shoot and it’s actually perfect for my summer outfits. I imagine other bloggers can understand how exciting it is when you find a new spot for your #OOTDs. My sister and I ended up on the Lakeshore and found this beautiful courtyard that was basically empty but had all these beautiful flowers and architecture. Basically, it’s perfect and I’m so excited to use it again in the future.

Check out the photos below and as always outfit details are at the bottom.IMG_0645IMG_0670IMG_0661IMG_0697IMG_0707IMG_0708IMG_0714IMG_0695IMG_0650IMG_0657IMG_0649IMG_0655IMG_0691


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