Revlon Canada pops up in Toronto

Read my lips.

As a devoted beauty junkie, one of my favourite things to do in the city is to wander around the downtown core. Anywhere from Yorkville and Distillery District to the Lakeshore and Queen West. During one of these city adventures, after donating blood no less, I made my way down Bay Street and across Queen West where Revlon Canada was hosting the last day of its three-day pop-up.

IMG_1061It looked amazing from the outside and I couldn’t stay away if I tried. The set up was beyond gorgeous. Shelves on shelves stocked with newly packaged lipsticks and lip stains, a photo booth right across the way from two makeup stations where professional makeup artists were showing off the newest lip collections. I was definitely in the right place.

IMG_2401Near the back of the store was a lip reading nook and I was kind of surprised at how accurate my reading was. Did I mention the little ice cream bar at the back of the store? It was actually amazing. Each lipstick shade corresponded with a different ice cream order. I got Wine Trip, for obvious reasons.

IMG_2387IMG_2390Upstairs was even better. A huge Revlon display was waiting for every and anybody to perch delicately on top of for the perfect gram-worthy photograph. I think my purple bandage was in excellent company with all the beautiful flowers.


The most interesting part of the pop-up was the engraving machine set up near the Revlon display. Once I picked my very own lipstick—Lilac Mist was the shade I picked—I was able to choose a font and get my name engraved on the lipstick bullet. I didn’t even know this was something I wanted but it was perfect and I’ll probably like never use it to preserve such perfection. But I’m a super fan of Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick (hello, Black Cherry!)


I will say that the Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint is quickly becoming one of my favourite lip products right now. During the summer I tend to favour lip gloss and tinted lip balm over actual lipstick so this lip stain product is a perfect transition item for me now that we’re heading into the fall season. I love how pigmented it is without adding any weight. I can use a little bit for a barely-there, just-kissed effect or I can do a darker, I-just-drank-a-glass-of-red-wine stained lip. Naturally, I went for a berry shade. It’s kind of my kryptonite.


Have you tried any Revlon lippies? Tell me in the comments!

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