#OOTD: Neon + Bike Shorts

The 80s are back and looking fab.

Whenever I think about 80s fashion, I picture Saved by the Bell, The Heathers, and Pretty in Pink—the big hair, the bright, neon colours and all that spandex! And, as a 90s baby, there is a special place in my heart for the late 80s fashion trends I grew up seeing. I remember having a small obsession with neon in high school and I’m happy to say that it’s finally circled back into mainstream fashion.

The second trend I’m happy to see right now is bike shorts. Now, the 80s version of bike shorts was intense and featured a lot of stretchy spandex material. In 2019, bike shorts have gotten a much-needed lifestyle update. Instead of clingy, shiny spandex, most bike shorts are made with materials that are breathable and practical.

My shorts are mostly cotton with a little spandex for stretch. I’ve been wearing them for years under my skirts and dresses during the summer but now I can wear and style them as part of a casual, sporty outfit. I paired them with my favourite windbreaker (another 80s-inspired piece), from ASOS.

Check out the photos below. Outfit details are at the end of this post!



Do you like 80s fashion? Are you currently wearing any of these 80s-inspired trends? Tell me in the comments

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