New day, new Glossier

It was time for another Glossier haul.

It’s hard to believe that I only learned about Glossier two years ago. But, as I try more products, I fall more and more in love with this beauty brand. I will admit that my attitude toward makeup and skincare has changed in recent years and is more in line with Glossier’s motto: skin first, makeup second.

Glossier Brow Flick in black, Paint in Dawn, Lip Gloss in clear, Lip gloss in red,

In with the new

I had to replace a few of my favourite products like boy brow, cloud paint and a few tubes of lip gloss. But, I also added a few new products to my basket and I’ve been waiting to review them for a couple weeks now. In particular, I was very excited to try brow flick and the two new shades of lip gloss, red and holographic.

Make life Glossier

If there’s one product I love more than anything else, it’s lip gloss. It was one of the first beauty products I carried around as a little girl and it’s probably the one product I refuse to leave the house without. So, when Glossier’s lip gloss came into my life a couple years ago, I was basically changed forever. And while I have a few other favourites that I keep in rotation, I will always come back to this product because it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to the thick, clear lip gloss of my youth.

Glossier Lip Gloss in clear, holographic and red,

Finding out Glossier was dropping two new shades was like a dream come true. The formula is exactly the same but with an extra something. I tried both the holographic and red and I have to say that I like the red a bit more. The holographic shade is nice and reminiscent of Fenty Beauty’s Universal Lip Luminizer. I think Fenty’s has more of a shimmery finish so I’d probably just end up using that if I was looking for a high-shine finish.

Glossier Lip Gloss in red, clear and holographic,

The red shade was also really nice. It’s almost like a lip stain or tint. My lips had the faintest reddish-pink finish, which is a nice change. I used to use the clear lip gloss and then dab a small dollop of cloud paint over my lips to get the same effect. I think my only con about the two new shades is that the sizes are slightly smaller than the clear even though they’re all the same price. Also, I finish the clear shade quickly enough, so I know the red and holographic shades won’t last nearly as long. Otherwise, I’m a fan of all three shades.

Glossier Brow Flick in black, Boy Brow in black,

Brow flick

After falling in love with Glossier’s boy brow, I didn’t think I needed another brow product ever again. But, sometimes it’s nice to be wrong and boy, was I wrong. Brow Flick is a soft brush-tipped brow pen and an absolute dream come true. The pen can make the smallest, most natural-looking flicks of pigment to create those fluffy model brows I’ve lusted after for almost a decade.

Glossier Brow Flick in black,

I love using it to elongate the ends of my brows for a sleeker shape. Don’t get me wrong, I love the natural shape of my brows and it takes very little to maintain them, but I love when my brows finish just beyond to the outer corner of my eyes. Boy Brow is great for taming and filling my brows, but Brow Flick helps complete the look every time.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dawn, Lip Gloss in clear, Brow Flick in black, Lip gloss in red, Cloud Paint in Haze, Boy Brow in black,

Have you tried Glossier before? What products do you love using? What are you dying to try? Tell me in the comments!

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