My birthday shenanigans

I’m twenty-four!

My birthday was literally two weeks ago but I think that’s a small technicality. Life has been crazy as of lately. This is largely because school and family but I’m dealing. My birthday has always been a week long celebration and this year was no different. I guess that’s what happens when you’re born during March Break. Even when you don’t get that week off, you still pretend you have seven days to participate in birthday shenanigans. My birthday usually starts a couple days before and ends about a week or so after that.



This year my birthday kind of snuck up on me. I came home from Antigua about 10 days before my birthday and had to settled back into my routine. By the time my birthday rolled around, I had no idea what I wanted to do. So I did a bit of everything. I went to The Ten Spot in the Annex for a gel mani and love it. I’ve been so low maintenance with my nails it’s borderline neglectful. But they looked amazing and I was so impressed with the service.



Several birthday brunches and fruity mimosas later, I’m 24 and back in the school groove. The highlight of my birthday would probably be visiting the BITE Beauty Lip Lab on Queen West. I went with a few friends and we had a blast. I got the most beautiful wine colour. Obsessed!



Oh, and this was one of my birthday outfits. I’ll post an #OOTD post soon. I’m literally obsessed with capes and this was my time wearing a cape blazer. Immediate reaction: GIRLBOSS!? Seriously, why didn’t I get one sooner?


Thanks for reading!

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