4 Beauty products I can’t stop using this month

A hair mask, a jade roller, and a couple other beauty delights.

I don’t want to pick on winter but it’s probably my least favourite season. And if I’m being specific, it’s that sluggish time about two weeks into the new year until…oh about April when we’re finally free from winter’s icy grasp. The time up to Christmas I’m totally fine with. After that, not so much. So far, this year has been one of the coldest winters for me and the rest of the Canadian population—except Vancouver because they never have a real winter anymore.

But, for the rest of us we have to deal with the harsh winter elements every time we step outside. My hair has fallen victim to dryness, a typical response to the cold, dry air, but I’ve found the perfect product to rescue my hair and scalp this winter. I’ve also tried out a new lipstick shade that is out of this world, a set of adorable makeup brushes, and a mossy green, jade roller!

IMG_4128Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque, sheamoisture.com.

Shea Moisture’s hydrating hair mask

Even though I have my hair in braids year-round, I find that this protective style isn’t enough to save my curls from getting dry and damaged. I always need an extra boost of hydration and the Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque from Shea Moisture is my new favourite product.

I can use it as a simple conditioner when I’m on the go or I can leave it in, throw on a cap and sit under a dryer for twenty minutes to really let my hair absorb all the ingredients. I noticed that my hair wasn’t dry or itchy like it normally would be a few days after washing it. I usually add an oil or grease to my hair to combat dryness but this hair mask was the product really helped.

IMG_4119Jade Facial Roller, herbivorebotancials.com.

Rollin’ with the homies

Facial rollers are trending and I’ve been dying to try one out. I got one off Amazon but it broke after a couple of uses and I figured I should just drop the money and get a high-quality one instead. Herbivore Botanicals has a collection of facial rollers and I was really drawn to the jade roller for some reason.

It feels so cool against your skin, which I’m really excited to use in the summer when my face feels like it’s melting. I like using it at the end of the day as a way to decompress and get rid of the tension in my face, particularly around my mouth and jaw. After I wash my face, I’ll spend about 5-6 minutes rolling this green crystal across my skin and I feel so relaxed it’s probably best that I use it before I go to bed.

pur Pür Cosmetics Sweet 16 Party Skin Perfecting Brush Set, purcosmetics.com.

The new brush squad

I’ve always been fascinated by the oval-shaped makeup brushes. They just look so fancy and high-tech. When I got a set of my own for Christmas I was so excited to try them out. This 5-piece set from Pür Cosmetics can be used for makeup and skincare. I’ve never thought about applying my skincare products with a brush. I’ve always used my hands. But, I can definitely see the benefit of using a brush to apply my primer. It’s so much faster and I can use a smaller brush to apply it perfectly around my eyes and mouth.

I’ve been having so much fun using the brushes and they’ve made my makeup application process a lot faster. I have a really simplified everyday makeup routine and these brushes have made it even easier to up makeup on in the mornings. I use the two biggest brushes to apply foundation and setting powder, the middle brush for concealer and the two smallest for eyeshadow application. I will probably buy a couple more eyeshadow brushes but other than that I’m so happy with this set!

IMG_4066Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Turks and Caicos, fentybeauty.com.

Keep it Teal

My love for Rihanna and resulting obsession with her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, is nothing new. I wrote an article about my first time using Fenty and regularly restock my favourites. The Mattemoiselle lipstick has been a favourite of mine since it dropped and Rihanna added a few more shades to the colourful collection.

The deep teal shade, called Turks and Caicos, caught my eye and I’ve been finding any excuse to wear it. Going to the grocery store? Wear Turks and Caicos. Going out to dinner? Wear Turks and Caicos? It’s just such a beautiful shade and I’ll be wearing it until I run out.


What beauty products have you been obsessing over? Tell me in the comments!

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