A Glow Recipe for better skin

The glow up is real.

Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask isn’t new. I’ve been dying to try it for months but never actually made that leap. Until now.

Whilst scrolling through Sephora’s website, I saw that Glow Recipe had these adorable Sleep Sets, one for their cult classic Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask and one for their brand new Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask. Not only did I get the full size sleeping mask but I also got the cutest plush eye mask to match! I decided to get both because I couldn’t really choose between the two.

Here’s my review of both sleeping masks:


The Watermelon Glow

It’s not just the pink, minimalist packaging that captured my attention. Once I opened it and took a whiff of that light, watermelon scent, I was hooked. It’s heavenly and though I don’t actually like watermelons, I’m crazy about how this mask smells. I’m also a fan of the gelatinous texture. It applies like a thicker gel moisturizer and leaves behind this shiny, hydrated finish on the skin.

I really liked the size of the applicator. It actually picks up a perfect amount of the product and transfers nicely when you’re applying it to your face. One scoop covered half of my face and then I went over the other half with a second scoop.


The good stuff

This sleeping mask is loaded with ingredients that are soothing, hydrating, and, most importantly, glow-inducing. The first is obvious: watermelon extract. Not only does it smell amazing but watermelon extract comes from a fruit made of 92% water (compared to the human body that is made up of approximately 60% water). So, you can imagine how watermelons could be used to hydrate the skin and body. Hyaluronic acid, the next big ingredient in this sleeping mask, is a hydrating master by holding one thousand times its weight in water.

Next up is the AHA—Alpha Hydroxy Acid. AHAs are the gentle exfoliants of the beauty world. They remove dead cells off the skin’s surface to reveal the smooth, bright layer of skin beneath. I’m a not-so-secret fan of AHAs and I have a couple powerhouse products to keep my skin looking glowy on the regular. Still, it’s nice to add a mask in every so often to help the process along.

img_4150Major slippage

I found that you can’t really layer on top very well. Because of the gel texture, this product has quite a bit of slip [ability to spread] but I found that adding more just made it move further down my face. I will say, however, that this formula absorbs very quickly (less than 10 minutes) so I could just add a bit more if I wanted to layer. But truthfully, I don’t really need to.

After 10 minutes, most of the product has penetrated into the skin and it’s just the traces of the gel mask that are left. You’re supposed to rinse the next morning if you fall asleep with it on but I like using this product as a flash mask. So, after 10 minutes I spray my face with some thermal water (I’m using Avène’s Thermal Spring Water right now and loving it) and then using a cotton pad to wipe of the residue.


An Avocado…thanks

Millennials are pretty serious about their avocados, and I’m part of that statistic. Knowing all the good things avocados can do for you skin, hair, and boy, the idea of putting avocados on my face seemed like a no-brainer. This superfood packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy amount of fatty acids. When used in skincare, avocados help hydrate and protect the skin.

The formula

Along with avocados, this sleeping mask also has Manuka Honey (an ingredient I’m growing very fond of) to soothe and to replenish skin with antioxidants, PHA (Polyhydroxy Acid) to exfoliate the skin, and Kaolin Clay to gently draw out impurities in the skin, decongest pores and absorb excess oil.

The texture is not unlike an avocado, rich and creamy. And while this mask can be used on almost every skin type (normal, dry, oily, and combination) I can definitely see how this would be a fan favourite amongst people who fall into the oily/combination category. Between the thicker texture and oil-controlling ingredients, this mask is definitely suited for people on the oily side of the skin type spectrum.


Avocado melt-ing

I used this mask as a flash mask as well and left it on for 10 minutes. I found that unlike the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, this one took a bit longer to penetrate. I would definitely feel more comfortable leaving this on as an actual sleeping mask because I have oily/combination skin and I need that Kaolin Clay to do its magic pulling out the impurities and oil from my skin.

But, even after 10 minutes I noticed my skin felt fresher. I noticed my skin wasn’t as shiny and looked more even. I could see myself using this as an afternoon or evening flash mask in the summer to control the shine and even out my skin tone. Yet, I’m still liking how hydrated and smooth my skin feels after using it in the dead of winter. So, it’s definitely a multitasking mask and I think it can easily be incorporated into anyone’s beauty routine.


Have you tried Glow Recipe’s Sleeping Masks? Which one did you like? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I’ve actually never heard of this brand or their products before, it’s very interesting seeing what they offer, I might just give some of their products a try. And great post btw! I really enjoyed reading and learning about these new products. I’ll definitely follow for future posts!

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