The candles I can’t stop using right now

You’ll find me by candlelight.

I’ve always liked candles, but this year they’ve become a staple in my life at home. Whether I’m working at my desk or reading a book on the couch, there is always a candle burning somewhere in my house. Plus, now that the sun sets well before 5 o’clock, I’ve turned to candles to add a little ambiance to my space. Over the last few months, I’ve gotten the chance to test out new brands of candles. It found it difficult to order candles online when I couldn’t smell them first and it made me realize how picky I am when it comes to scents. Talk about stressful. I ended up liking everything I purchased, but a few candles required some serious research. These are a few that I’m really, really liking right now.

Shy Wolf Cherry Bomb Candle, Also available at

Black Cherry + Vanilla

This candle actually smells the way a black cherry soda tastes, if that makes sense. It’s sweet, but the rich notes of vanilla and spice help balance out the sweetness. It just reminds me of the hot Summer days of my childhood, which is probably why I’ve been burning it nonstop as we get closer and closer to winter. I actually bought this one at a local flower shop in Toronto called May Flowers and loved it so much that I purchased another candle called The Star. It’s not nearly as sweet as the Cherry Bomb candle, but still has those nice, warm notes of cinnamon and honey and cocoa butter. I like lighting this candle in my kitchen because it sort of smells like homemade goods are baking even when there’s nothing in the oven.

Bath and Body Works + White Barn Scented Candles,

Fruit + Floral

I think my love of candles can be traced back to the first time I entered a Bath and Body Works store. I saw the wall full of three-wick candles and the rest was history. Now, years later I’m just as obsessed with these candles. I could list some of my favorites, but the ones that I really loved using over the last few months are the single wick candles. They’re small enough to place in the corners of my bedroom, living room, or bathroom, and they’re still so fragrant.

I picked up a small batch of them during a random trip to a mall right before quarantine and loved the mix of fruity scents like Limoncello. Lemon is one of my favourite scents. When The Body Shop launched a limited edition collection earlier this year, I pounced on it. So it only made sense to grab a candle that smells like lemon too. The Peach Bellini reminded me of drinking summer cocktails downtown, and it was one of the first candles I finished burning. The floral scents in the Rosewater and Ivy candle is almost the complete opposite of the fruity candles, because it was so light and fresh. I loved using it when I was taking a bath because I found it so calming. I probably would have purchased more, but Bath and Body Works candles are only available in store in Canada. So it looks like I’ll have to wait a while for another haul.

Real Talk Candles,

Dealer’s choice

I discovered this candle a few months ago, and it’s one that I recommend to anyone because it’s completely customizable. You can choose from tons of funny quotes and messages or choose to create your own. You can also choose from half a dozen scents, so each candle is truly unique. The scents change from month-to-month, as do the jars, but there are some staple scents like brown sugar that smell absolutely incredible. I’ve tried a couple and gifted even more to friends and family because they’re just so great. Did I mention that Real Talk Candles is a black-owned Canadian business? It’s based in Toronto, and more than ever I think it’s really important that we support local businesses. This is the first wood wick candle I’ve ever tried, and I have to say that I’m now a fan. I love the crackling noise they make when they burn. It sounds like I’m sitting next to a fireplace or campfire.

Boy Smells Candles in Kush and Cinderose,

Good vibes

These are probably the most expensive candles I’ve ever purchased, but I think they’re totally worth it. I fell in love with the packaging, but the scents are also so unique that I’ve repurchased a couple of scents recently. The Cinderose candle isn’t new to my collection. I’ve had it for months and I love the combination of sweet and smokey notes that it has. If Cinderella had a scent, I think this is what she would smell like. The Kush candle is the newer one, and it took me a while to track down this candle in Canada. I got it from Indigo, months after I smelled it in a store and fell in love with it. I never thought I’d like a candle that had cannabis as a top note, but I really do like it. I think the other notes, like suede, white musk, tulip, and amber, make it smell sweeter, so the cannabis isn’t as overpowering. And there are other variations of the Kush candle that I’m excited to try in the future.

Do you like candles? What are you using right now? Are there any brands that you recommend? Tell me in the comments.

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