The ultra-moisturizing skincare products I’m using this winter

All aboard! I’m heading to hydration station!

Winter is here and my skincare routine needed a major upgrade. Having oily combination skin means I usually gravitate toward lightweight, gel-based beauty products. But now that it’s colder, I can handle a face cream with a thicker texture. So I traded my jelly cleanser and gel moisturizer for a thicker cleansing balm, a buttery face cream, and a hydrating face mask that I can slather onto my thirsty skin. I use body butters year round, but sometimes I like to switch up the brand I use. Here are a few new products I’ve added to my routine this winter.

Cake Beauty Shower Cream,

A nourishing shower cream

This is probably my favourite product right now and one of the newest additions to my beauty routine. The idea of using a cream in the shower is actually genius and I don’t know why I didn’t think about doing this sooner. This shower cream is multipurpose product. I can use it as a moisturizer and as a shaving gel to protect my skin when I shave. It’s super hydrating and I love the smell. I’ve already gone through an entire package so I’ll probably grab a couple the next time I purchase.

Embroylisse Lait-Creme Concretre,

This moisturizer isn’t new to my routine, but I have been using it nonstop for the last few months because I love it so much. It’s a multi use moisturizer. I can use it as a face cream, as a face mask before I go to bed, or as a primer for my make up. It’s very rich but sinks quickly into the skin, so it doesn’t feel like a greasy mess on my face. It does have a bit a fragrance in it but I actually really like it.

Biossance Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser,

A jelly cleanser

I love using cleansing oils and balms so much, because I can use them as both a makeup remover and a face wash. Right now I’m using this jelly cleanser from Biossance. It really does have a gel-like texture that’s halfway between a balm and an oil. I just apply a little to dry skin, then add a little water and really work it into my skin to break down my makeup. Then I rinse it all off and voila, I’m makeup free. I’ll follow up with another face cleanser, but I love how mess free this cleansing balm is. Unlike a thicker balm, it applies really smoothly, but it’s not as runny as a liquid cleansing oil. And above all, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight. It’s the perfect cleanser as we head into winter, because it’s packed with squalane, which helps my skin absorb moisture instead of stripping it away.

L’Occitane Ultra Rich Cream, l’

A buttery body cream

I’ve been using this body butter for a couple of years now and I found that it’s a complete lifesaver in the winter months when my skin is super dry. It’s so thick and it’s packed with shea butter, so it gives my skin all the moisture it desperately needs. I’ll use the lotion in the summer because it’s a bit lighter, but this Ultra Rich Body Cream is perfect for winter.

A frothy bath soak

One of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling a little stressed is to take a long, indulgent bath. I have a little wooden tray that I can rest my iPad, a candle, and a glass of rosé on while I enjoy an hour or so in the tub. These bath soaks from Bathorium are the best way to add a little moisture to my skin. Each package is packed with a loose powder that’ll fill my tub with soft, rich, frothy bathwater. There are a ton of scents with different benefits. From the four that I tried, I really loved using the Ancient Oak bath soak, because it’s great for hydration. It had a light, fresh scent, and I noticed that my skin felt so much softer afterward. It’s not something I would do every time I take a bath, but definitely during the cold and dry winter months.

Caudalie Grape Water,

A very fine mist

Despite having oily combination skin, I find that I still need a little moisture boost throughout the day. I love using face mists, because I can apply them over makeup and I never have to worry about it moving or running. I’ve been using the Caudalie Grape Water for a few weeks now and I will have to restock soon because I’ve been using it nonstop. I love how refreshing it feels on my skin and it has this lovely fragrance that reminds me of summer. I keep it near my desk so I can give myself a little refresh when I’m working. It’s heaven!

What products are you using this winter to keep your skin hydrated? Tell me in the comments.

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