My favourite outfits of 2020

Cute, comfy, and chic.

I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to say ta-ta to 2020. I have absolutely no expectations for 2021, but I’m just ready for this year to be over. I didn’t publish a lot of fashion posts this year, because I’ve been living in my pyjamas and sweatpants for the majority of it. Still, there were a few times I decided to get a little dressed up and share the on Instagram. Here are my favourite outfits of 2020:

More issues than Vogue

This was probably one of the last outfits I wore before quarantine started in mid-March. I was super excited about it because I just got the Vogue tee and enough snow had melted that I could wear the suede booties without fear of getting them wet. See the full post here.

Come through, Reebok

After being home for a few weeks, I realized I needed to invest in some casual and comfy clothes to get me through the rest of the year. I don’t own a lot of sweatpants, because I only wear them during the winter. I also prefer to wear dresses over pants, especially during the warmer months. But, I found these track pants at Addition Elle (R.I.P.) and decided to get a head-to-toe outfit. They were so light and breathable, making them perfect for the summer and fall. And I loved pairing them with a matching crop top and pink windbreaker. I’m still wearing them now, but I usually wear a pair of leggings underneath for warmth.

Little black dresses

So, I may have done a couple of shopping hauls from H&M over the summer, but they were so worth it. I got this adorable collared dress and pretty much wore it for the rest of the year. And even though it looks more structured, it’s actually so comfortable. See the full post here.

And this was the other little black dress I loved wearing this year. I actually wore this on Halloween when I dressed up as Edna Mode from The Incredibles. It totally worked. I love how sleek leather looks, and this faux leather dress was the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe.

What can I say, I’m a fangirl

This is my first piece of Billie Eilish swag and I love it to death. It’s supposed to be a sweater dress, but I’m almost six feet tall so…it’s a hoodie. A really cozy one, too. I loved pairing it with these sateen joggers. They’re stylish, but also really comfortable. And I think they complemented my hoodie really well.

My colour of the year

If there was one colour I couldn’t stop wearing this year, it has to be olive green. From sweaters and hoodies to pleated skirts, my closet definitely is filled with a few new pieces that are all the perfect shade of olive green. And I wrote about why I’m such a fan of this colour. See the full post here.

A faux jumpsuit

And finally, the last outfit I loved wearing this year is this co-ord set from Joe Fresh. It reminded me so much of my other faux jumpsuit that I created from a pair of pants I got from H&M and a top I got from Addition Elle. So when I saw it in a new and festive colour like this ruby red, I had to have it. It’s the perfect holiday outfit, but I’ll probably wearing it well into 2021, because it’s just so comfy.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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