All the things I loved this July

The beauty products I can’t stop using this month.

It’s finally summer in the city and I’m actually loving the warm weather for a change. Instead of working in my office all day, I spend most afternoons soaking up the sun from my porch. It’s a nice change after a long winter in quarantine. Working from home has simplified my morning routine, especially when it comes to my skincare and makeup. In the morning I’ll throw on some sunscreen, foundation, lip balm, and blush on the cheeks to add a little warmth to my skin. That’s it. Here are a few products I’m loving this month.

Biossance Squalane+ Rose Vegan Lip Balm,

The perfect lip balm

I’ve been using Biossance products on my skin for years, including their vegan lip balm that’s made with their hero ingredient squalane. The product recently got a packaging makeover and I have to say I’m happy with the new look. Instead of being in a small container, it comes in a tube that makes it even easier to apply. I don’t have to worry about getting extra product on my finger or under my nails. The formula is still the same—lightweight, hydrating, with a slightly glossy finish that any lip gloss lover can appreciate.

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in G2 ,

A sheer foundation

I don’t usually wear a lot of foundation during the summer months, because my oily combination skin will breakdown any makeup I have on my face before noon. And let’s not even mention the layer of sweat that transforms my makeup from dewy to disaster. Still, there are some days when I like to have a little coverage. This sheer foundation by Glossier has become a new favourite because it’s so lightweight. It covers my all my spots and pigmentation on my face and still also my skin to breathe. I noticed it won’t transfer as much as a heavier foundation, especially if I set it with a little face powder after.

Boscia Berry Blend Smoothing Facial with 28% Acid Complex,

An exfoliating face mask

I try to exfoliate at least twice a week, but I admit that sometimes I’ll skip that step in nighttime skincare routine out of sheer laziness. That is until I tried a new product that actually got me excited to exfoliate. It’s a face mask, making it perfect product for anyone who wants to do the least, but still get results. Rather than scrubbing away at my face with a scrub—which I find can be pretty harsh on my skin—I just slather this chemical exfoliant on my face, sit back, and let it do its thing. I find that it’s very gentle and makes my skin so smooth. After 20 minutes of scrolling on my phone or playing Animal Crossing, I’ll rinse my face and move onto the rest of my routine.

Paume Moisturizing Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer,

A scented hand sanitizer

After a year of constant hand washing and sanitization, I’ve sampled a variety of different products. And let me tell you, they’re not all created equal. The worst ones leave your digits feeling dry, tight, and smelling of rubbing alcohol. Gross. Luckily, there are a few brands that have come up with great hand sanitizers that solved all those previously listed problems. This hand sanitizer by Paume (read: Canadian company) is lovely. It almost has a gel texture that absorbs quickly into the skin and smells amazing. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling overly dry, which means I don’t have to immediately follow up with a layer of hand cream. It has a twistable nozzle, so you can pop in your bag without worrying about it leaking everywhere. I will definitely be restocking this product, because it’s so good.

What are you loving this month? Have you used any of these products? Tell me in the comments!

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