I got my ears pierced at Mejuri

Another day, another piercing.

The first time I got my ears pierced, I was 17. I was shopping in Claire’s and decided it was time. It wasn’t nearly as painful or as scary as I thought it would be and I told myself I would get a second set of piercings. Since then, my earring collection has grown and matured to include brands like House of Harlow, Jenny Bird and most recently Mejuri.

In the last year or so, I’ve admired all my friends who have multiple ear piercings. My 26th birthday seemed like the perfect time to do it and I was right. One of Toronto’s most popular fine jewellery brands, Mejuri, was offering free piercings at their showroom during my birthday weekend and I knew it was a sign. I’d been lusting over their minimalist jewellery for months and I planned to splurge on a new pair of earrings.

IMG_20190317_125934 The 411 on Mejuri

Jordan-born engineer turned Toronto-based entrepreneur, Noura Sakkijha founded Mejuri in 2013. The company started as a direct-to-consumer website that offered a range of jewellery designed by people from all over the world. It was wildly successful and with the expertise of Creative Director Justine Lançon, Noura relaunched the brand with its own fine jewellery collection in 2015.

As a brand, Mejuri is one of a kind because it occupies the middle ground between cheap, disposable jewellery we love to wear but never lasts and the high quality but overly expensive jewellery we can’t always afford. Mejuri offers high-quality jewellery pieces you can wear everyday without tarnishing and it won’t cost you a kidney or your first born child. And, that’s why they’ve been so popular among millennial women.


The piercing experience

I went early on Sunday morning and was surprised to see how many people had turned up to the showroom. Good news travels fast and travels even faster on social media. I got to spend time on the first floor looking at all the jewellery options before going upstairs to the piercing studio. Once upstairs, I was able to select the earrings I wanted (I chose the classic X studs) and lined up to get pierced. Less than an hour later, I was out the door with a brand new set of studs and a smile on my face.

And, after a month of wearing them I can honestly say I don’t know what took me so long to get them done. I have a few more weeks before I can switch them out but, I know I’ll keep them in for the time being. They’re just so classic. I might get another pair of studs because the Mini Lotus studs are absolutely perfect and I want them.


Oh, and if you happen to live in Toronto,you should check out Mejuri’s piercing party at their showroom.

Do you have jewellrry by Mejuri? Are you thinking about getting your ears pierced? What jewellery should be on my radar? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “I got my ears pierced at Mejuri

  1. I’m getting my second lobe piercings at the Mejuri Piercing pop-up too this weekend! Glad you’re happy with your piercings and I assume now you are able to switch them out for new jewelry! Ah, can’t wait to get pierced!


    1. That’s so exciting. You’re going to have so much fun. Yes I can wear other earrings now but I just love my studs so much. I’m thinking of getting little hoops though. We’ll see. Thanks for your comment!


  2. This absolutely helped with my thought process of whether or not to get a piercing since mine closed when I was younger. Just wondering though, for the piercing at Mejuri, how much was everything? Were the studs free and you just had to pay for the piercings itself? How does it work, if you don’t mind me asking.

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    1. I’m so glad you found this helpful. I had a really positive experience at Mejuri. The actual piercing was free. I just had to pay for the earrings, so around $100 because each one is sold separately. Hope this is helpful.


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